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trouble with smtp.office365.com

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I am using a office365 email professionnaly. This is an Oauth2. I am using a Win10 22H2. I receive all my emails through Thunderbird (last version).

I installed Kaspersky Premium 3 days ago and had troubles because I needed to put my servers in the authorisation process (Security Option/Network/Trusted adresses); I put it and it worked yesterday.

But today new trouble (I didn't change anything): timed out connection on smtp.office365.com

I tried to find a solution but nothing was adapted. What is your advice?

Thank you


C. Sauvenay

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Berny: Flush DNS and Cloudfare DNS: I don't know what it is.

harlan4096: this is what I did, yes →


I tried to suspend Kaspersky: it works. Then I reopen kaspersky: it works now again!

That's quite strange isn't it?

Thanks anyway!

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