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Kaspersky Password Manager Linux App [moved]

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Just the perennial reminder that many choose not to use this password manager because there is not a linux client to manage passwords with. Asking people to use the web interface to enter passwords makes it highly inconvenient on the Linux user. Bitwarden, Lastpass, and others all offer Linux clients, but for some reason Kaspersky has had hate for Linux for the last 8 years. It’s disappointing because their anti-virus is good.

I hope they figure it out before Deepin/UOS become a big thing in China, because they will be behind on marketshare on those in business strategy/development departments that actually think ahead more than a few months.

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Thanks for your idea. Please create ticket → https://my.kaspersky.com/


Yup! Already created a ticket. The response was that I could use the browser on Linux. This doesn’t make sense because 1) the extension requires a desktop app to connect to it for auto-fill. and 2) I would have to login to my password manager each time and manually search for the login/password and copy and paste it. Super inconvenient and much easier to use KeepassXC or one of the other paid alternatives.

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