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  1. OK. Thank you @Igor Kurzin for clarifying that. Have a good day.
  2. Hello, good morning. I have the same problem. I am getting the error "Kaspersky VPN: Error Connecting to My Kaspersky" but come up at seemingly random times. I'm running Kaspersky internet Security (Patch J for version Windows 10 I'm having with the VPN (Unlimited) I really appreciate any help you can provide.
  3. Aww not at all. I'm flattered 😁😆 Have a good day you two.
  4. So dose this me, If i want to use this feature I need to contact Technical support.😅 Thank you so much @Flood and Flood's wife for your answer 🙂 have a good day.😊
  5. First of all excuse my English and Happy new year to all 😊🤗 I have been using Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal on my Android 11 but the Kaspersky Security Cloud there’s no longer work so I download Kaspersky Internet Security for android instead. May i ask about the “Devices on my network feature” is it available on KIS for android. My phone : Real me android 11 KIS for android version Thank you.
  6. Thank you @Flood and Flood's wife Yes, logged in My another device had KIS in “ Downloaded services” KIS first Parent Yes, buttons are responsive (link to Kaspersky’s website). Not in the first place, so I tried following your guide but the problem still persists. Can’t tell ive reached that all settings 😅 because some steps in the device's settings are different 😥
  7. Thank you so much @Flood and Flood's wife for always helping me, answering my questions. Yes, there’s no issue with Android 9. It was working just fine before i upgrade to 10 Here is a link I have created a video of the process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0adyVb4EYY
  8. I'm also dealing with that problem after upgrading to Android 10 last night. My Android smartphone is Realme 5 Pro running android 10.
  9. I think that’s “Set up notifications windows? setting>>>>set up notifications
  10. Dear, All I have been having the same issue, I need to pause protection Kaspersky to allow the playback my camera. I have tried everything with this workaround, unfortunately it doesn't work in my case cus in the Manage Applications "localservicecontrol" doesn’t exist in my system. Regards.
  11. @Wesly.Zhang The activation code has already been added on my account but how can i check the version of the activation code, please advice Hi @Jassie_Dave Well, I go to check my kaspersky accout. But it say ’webpage is scheduled maintenance‘. If this maintenance period has gone. I will check my kaspersky accout again and tell you the method…… Regards. Okay. Thank you for your prompt reply
  12. @Wesly.Zhang The activation code has already been added on my account but how can i check the version of the activation code, please advice
  13. You are welcome. When done please tell us the INC number of your request you submitted to K-Lab Tech Support. @Berny My request INC000010943231 Thank you.
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