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  1. now the QR wont even read...really im using google lens and it doesnt work...
  2. ...im using only 2(yes i know because i've removed other devices already...). i've used the QR code to download for android. i try using the Key or the Activation code on the mobile and nothing...i mean come on you guys gotta be joking its like im hacking the pentagon to activate a mobile phone antivirus.... i Removed from the mobile now yet again its the 3th time im removing it, im trying it again but i know that it will not work, because, i need to hack the Pentagon!!!
  3. Hello. So im having an issue im using Kaspersky Plus on my PC and Laptop but im unable to use it on my Android phone? i tried using the QR Code is does nothing... Basically im running 2 devices on a subscription of 3 because i cant get it to work on Android. Its a Pure Subscription 3 devices 1 year which is same as Plus i guess... Cheers thanks
  4. Hi, Im Sorry i've Formatted my computer yet again, also because my computer was still running infected..... Also i got to figure it might have been something with Kaspersky kids protection...because i turned it off and i saw no more issues on pages Sorry i had to say something, i beg you a pardon and thank you for your Huge help, you deserve Kudos and more, for being here helping people, while Kaspersky fails...fails to accomplish with what they promise as a Top Notch Internet Security Company. Thank You, Berny. I Wish you all the best might your future reserve you a thousand times more than you expect for yourself. Cheers
  5. ive seen those is that what you meant? thank you by the way for the help 😉 those are the ones i saw related to Chrome...
  6. Hello, im Using there ones...but id've seen they are safe...Could it be Guardio? i dont think so im also using it on my phone... Chrome stops working on facebook page, i get a warning that i lost connection the page freezes a few seconds later it regains internet connection but its like this a while until the browser uses like 50/70% of my CPU and up to 20gb RAM and i close it on Taskmanager. im gonna try other browsers, but it seems tio««o me that Edge is running pretty good without issues. And im Writing you on Chrome so it seems its only on some websites and its only using 2/3% cpu and 2gb ram, Reddit its also fine
  7. Hello. Yes i already figured that out... Anyways i need help its with that problem of the Chrome not having internet...i mean makes no sense that the AV would automatically shut down the internet connection of my browser without even asking right? im Running Now the Plus Version like before, but i got the same issue, browser consumes a lot of resources but has no connection I go to Folder there's no Hidden files or folders with Report name... Welp?! Thanks its like the browser stops working on some pages... could it be an attack from the hacker who tried to steal from me? so i would have problems changing passwords on all accounts? Because my internet i've checked the Ip Address doesn't change its fixed he could be doing a DDoS attack or something? I did recover 99% of my accounts that mattered, maybe now he's .... at me? because im using the browser here and i have no issues but after a few minutes and i go to other pages i cant use anymore. Either way i might be losing my mind after 1 weeks of dealing with a mediocre hacker...
  8. Hello Fellas. im having same issue, but because i know my Kaspersky version is different than the other one...i formatted my pc i got hit by Redline Stealer. So i did Format all 4 drives and did clean install of everything. im using same account from Kaspersky and the program is diferent lol? i Mean i bought the Plus version, but by mistake it came a Pure code which gives protection up to 3 devices, which i cant even connect on my android phone i dont know why if i can use on 3 devices why cant i use on phone right? so i only get problems using Facebook on Chrome, at least that i notice its only Facebook Page and maybe youtube takes a long time on some videos i think its not right because i got 500mb/s Fiber i can download a video game like 100gb 5min im watching Prime video movies in 4k without any interruption on my mobile via wifi so it makes no sense. which version of Kaspersky its the best? cheers
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