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  1. In parting? The support in the US was not getting it done. I'm coming here from now on. Berny saved me the misery of having to find a new Anti-Virus software. He saved Kaspersky a paying customer. I'm an employee of a large US company. He saved the reputation of Kaspersky there too. I'm in Customer Support. Every customer matters.
  2. Added advice from my following of Igor's suggestion... 1. Be sure to disable self defense. Otherwise the System will not let you change the name of the folder. 2. You still require administrative privilege to change a folder name in this critical area of the system. a. Be sure that you have administrative privileges b. To change the name - right click on the folder, look below for the "Rename" with a shield that shows Administrative privileges. Click on that to initiate a rename of the folder from Report to Report1. 3. Reinitialize self defense under settings. 4.. I took the precaution of restarting the system to allow the Kaspersky to "find everything". I hope that this augments Igor's instructions. They do work.
  3. Hi, Igor, I did as you suggested, and Chrome now works. As far as I can tell, Igor, there were no visible side effects. I am very grateful to you for this suggestion. Сбасибо болшои и Молодец! Gene
  4. Good Day: I am running Kaspersky (j) on Windows 10.0.19044 x64 on a Core I7 @ 3.4 ghz. 16 gb. 500 Gigabyte free. I am using Firefox 104.0.2 and Brave 1.43.89 Chromium 105.0.5195 Google announced a vulnerability with Google Chrome recently. I noticed that I had an "older" version. I tried to update it, but could not do so. I needed to shut off Kaspersky to perform an update I updated to 105.0.5195. Since I performed an update Kaspersky seems to be blocking Chrome. I say this because if I turn Kaspersky totally off, I can use Chrome. If I come to a site while Kaspersky is off, I can see it. Sometimes either Chrome or Kaspersky "remembers" the site and will let me see it while Kaspersky is on. Normally I get the following displays on Chrome for "unlearned" sites.
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