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Why do I get this "Connection is not protected" message? "Certificate chain is not complete"

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I recently gone back to school (in my country, the cornavirus cases are quite low). So, I logged into it’s internet (Password Protected WiFi). I think it does block certain websites while using their internet, however, when I go to www.deviantart.com Kaspersky blocked me with an explaination “ The security of your connection is reduced. Criminals can attempt to steal your data from the website. You are advised to leave this website. “.


I have tried going there while using my home wifi and found that Kaspersky did not block the website.


I will attach a screenshot of the warning.


Is there a way to tell Kaspersky that I want to continue and ignore the warning? There isn’t any button to press...


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Hello @Nick B.,

Welcome back!

  • According to the image, deviantart has a certificate issue.
  • When you’re at school & can check the certificate - use  SSL Server Test
  1. May we have an image of the certificate please? 
  2. May we have the Kaspersky Security Cloud Report, showing the deviantart certificate errors, export the Report, save as a text file & attach📎 to your reply please? 
  3. Does the certificate error happen, irrespective of Supported browser used: Firefox, Chrome, Edge Chromium, IE, Yandex? 
  4. What is Kaspersky Security Cloud version & patch(x)? 
  5. Have you uninstalled (save License information ONLY) & clean installed Kaspersky Security Cloud? 

Please post back?

  • There’s no way to create an exclusion, if Kaspersky Security Cloud is licensed (Personal or Premium), it’s necessary to contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they’ll require a GSI & Windows Logs and they may require a Trace, run when the issue is happening, i.e. when you’re at school. 
  • On the contacts  page, select your location, select Application use, select from available options: ONLINE CHAT (not available all locations), PHONE (not available all locations), SUBMIT A REQUEST - via your MyKaspersky account.

Thank you🙏


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Hi, thanks for the detailed reply!


  1. Sure, when I get back to school, I will get an image.
  2.  Will do when I get back to school.
  3. It happens on Firefox.
  4. I have just updated Kaspersky to
  5. No, not yet, as I don’t feel comfortable leaving my protection. However, I will keep it in mind as a last resort.

I will keep you updated as soon as possible. Have a good day.

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  • Solution



It seems like my school has done some stuff to block certain websites… Kaspersky probably classified it as insecure or something.


So, I tested it out with Kaspersky VPN and I didn’t bump into any problems!


Now I can use Discord too :)


Thanks, FLOOD and Berny for the assistance and your time.

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