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Problem accessing saved files, particularly from Gmail, "File Conversion" and no access.

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I purchased a new computer, HP, and have set it up with a few tweaks needed transferring from the old one. I also purchase Office Home and student and installed this.

Possibly, but not certainly, some issues now have emerged with accessing saved files, particularly from Gmail, but not all.

Upon opening, I get a small box appears saying FILE CONVERSION and no access

Also, some times I get back to Gmail to start the link again, or back to another of my email sites

Also the worst is a box appears to request I view downloads, and still nothing opens. 

Since installing ABODE, which I did have on the old system, some areas look a lot different and work well.

After requesting assistance from the Internet, could not find anyone who could assist, and foolishly hired a “Tech Guru” to assist. He attended my home and spent over an hour Googling for assistance, told me this was a security issue put in place by Gmail and left.

In other words, he was stumped, but still charged me a lot to do nothing. At 71 years of age I was an easy target. I have been using computers for about 30 years so they are not new to me. I feel its a Settings issue but???? Could my computer be infected? I dont think so as I have just installed kasper security. Solve this one and you will be a STAR. Using Win 10, all updates done


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Could you please use any other web browser to open the html page to check this issue has gone or not. such as firefox or chrome.

BTW, If you want to save html page, I advice you save it using mht type in IE. This will save all web source element in one file, If you open it, It doesn’t lost some content or element just like your case.


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Hi all

Thankyou all for your assistance and as per previous emails, I felt my question for assistance was not clear, hence this email for clarification.

I am running Windows 10, with Office Home Student 2019 Seagate expansion 4 TB.

Before the issues I have now, I would open a Gmail email, then right click, save to My Documents in a folder and access it my a simply right click. Did this for years.

Now, I can save anything, and CAN open it, but its not readable as per a few samples attached i hope.

The HTML docs/MSG docs and Chrome HTML are the issue here.

Microsoft word docs/EML files/ Abode files and MHTL files are ok.

So what's changed? Upon purchasing a new updated HP computer, I purchased a Microsoft Home Student 2019 Office. This “may” have been the start of documents lock up.

I just feel its a configuration issue, ie I am telling the system to file in a certain way???

Office helpline cant help, and the local guru that ripped me off financially said it was a Gmail security issue to protect me????  Took my money and fled.

There is a solution out there.

Again I thank you all for your assistance so far




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I would open a Gmail email, then right click,

Where to right click? webpage everywhere? or a Specific area? or somewhere in gmail? Please describe in detail.

save to My Documents in a folder

Which Tool do you use to save webpage to a folder?IE, edge, firefox, chrome or other tools? what is it. Please let us know Who created the msg extension file. From your uploaded picture, maybe you use IE to save file, But I can’t find any function could save a webpage to a file using msg extension name. Only mht…

Also, I have a big smart idea. Could you rename the extesion name of saved file from .msg to .mht. And doube-click it to see what happen.


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Hi Wesley,

Thankyou for your reply and below will give you some more details I hope will clarify matters for us both.

I open Gmail, read an email, then decide to save this to a folder.

1 I right click the email and am given some options.

2 I pick “ Save as”

3 I am directed to Documents, no folder.

4 I I accept this direction, it is save to Documents but can never be found.

5 I choose Documents

6 I choose a folder

7 I click save in that folder

8 I exit Folders.

9 Upon visiting the email again, I get google gook, unreadable, usually, but not always HTML doc

10 I then click on the doc

10 Now given a choice of open with” options.

11 Abode indicates this is not supported

12 Google Chrome cant open it to read it properly, screen drops you have

13 Internet Explorer is again as above

14 Micro Edge is again as above.

This has to be some flags here for someone as I saved and opened files for years with no issue.

What's changed? Google Chrome, updated office???

Very kind regards for your assistance

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Hello @Teddyboy from Oz,

  • While you are waiting for @Wesly.Zhang, as a possible workaround, not a solution to the problem you’ve reported, please check the following:
  • In GMAIL, open  the mail you wish to save, in the upper righthand section, select the 3 tiny vertical dots, from the dropdown list select Download message, in the popup window select Save File, in the Downloads folder, select the saved email, open with email client - what happens?







Please let us know if this works? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

Note: to protect our privacy we’ve censored a lot of information in the emails, just in case you think they look “strange”. 

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HI, I tried again to find the EML email, and it was auto filed in a folder. I found it by good luck.

I opened it and it worked but in an email provider I dont use, I think its
“MAIL”  the one that comes free with Win 10

We might be getting closer, I just feel its a configuration issue and we (I) have instructed the system to file it in a particular way.


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