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KIS crash after latest Android update

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After updating my Samsung mobile to latest Android update (seems to be 12), KIS no longer works & even when you try to run it by tapping its icon, its green screen shows for millisecond & then nothing happens. I uninstalled & reinstalled KIS, & problem is still there. I wiped partition cache (which is recommended after a big update for Samsung mobiles) to see if it solves the problem but no success. I see that some people have the same problem in the forum recently:

Please let me know what you think about this or what would be the solution,


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1. Uninstall updates to Android System WebView
This is the easiest solution to fix Android apps crashing issue.

To uninstall updates to Android System WebView, follow these steps:
Open Settings, go to Apps -> Android System WebView.
Now, tap on the three-dot menu on the top right.
Next, tap on the ‘Uninstall updates’ option.

2. Disable Google Chrome
If you cannot find the Android System WebView app in the Apps section, the other option is to disable Google Chrome.
Once you do that, the Android System WebView app should become visible.


J Wick

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