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Kaspersky was somehow completely blocking Destiny 2


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Just in case others have this issue, I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to the destiny 2 servers. It turned out to be Kasperksy. What is odd, is that it didn’t matter if I turned protection off, or trusted destiny 2 application, or uninstall the “secure connection” adapter. It took a full Internet Security uninstall to resolve the issue.

I am sad I won’t be able to use Kasperksy anymore, but unless there is a bug fix for it, it’s not worth it.

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I just installed Kaspersky Internet security and spent a good few hours going over the software. I then decided to play Destiny 2. opps “Cannot connect to destiny servers. I disabled protection and was able to login. Since it would be combersome to do this each time, I elected to add Destiny 2 to the Trusted Application section. I opted for the “Allow interaction with the Kaspersky Internet Security interface”. This allowed for successful Login into Destiny 2 Servers with Protection Enabled

Please post in an appropriate location for others to view.

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