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Kaspersky detect Dolby Atmos Conversion tool as a threat, but actually not.

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16 hours ago, Berny said:

@ScepticalSara Welcome.

 Can you provide a screenshot from the Kaspersky detection.

Maybe I could personally re-distribute software package for you due to there's no verification download the file.Url is shown below:


Detection info on my machine is same as VirusTotal shows.

Log is shown below:

应用程序名称: CompatTelRunner.exe
应用程序路径: C:\Windows\System32
组件: 文件反病毒
结果说明: 检测到
类型: 木马
名称: UDS:Trojan-Banker.Win32.Emotet
精确度: 确切
威胁级别: 高

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