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Import from Sticky Passwords?

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Tech support says there's no way to import from Sticky Passwords but perhaps there is? Anyone found a way? From Sticky passwords I can export to text, html, xml... I tried to convert XML to CSV through Excel but I didn't succeed.


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Hello @grendizer


Kaspersky Support is correct, the Supported password managers - for *importing* data are: 

  • LastPass (version 4.17.1)
  • KeePass (version 2.40)
  • Dashlane (plugin version 6.2137.1, desktop version 6.2134.0.49208)
  • 1Password (version 7.2)
  • Norton Identity Safe as part of the solution Norton Security (version

Perhaps (you) can export Sticky Passwords to one of those & then import the data to Kaspersky, otherwise... no. 

Thank you?

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