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Idle scan, scan what ?

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Hi, me again,

I have Idle scan enable. I know that idle scan is there to use less ressources or to use the ressources for when the computer is not in use .


I noticed that the my last idle scan lasted about 2hr 18mn to complete. Now , since I am not telling idle scan what to look for , can someone tell me what Idle scan is scanning ? It  is  some sort on auto full can ?

KSC said that ( Idle scan  run scan tasks (of the system memory, system partition, and startup objects)

So what’s describe above is more or less than a full scan ?

Thanks again !!

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Yeah Idle scan scanning : system memory, system partition and startup objects.
Full scan : all above + System backup storage and hard drives (ALL installed in PC) and removable drives (if are connected).

Hope i helped answer to your question.

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Hello @homer1959

Welcome back!

Idle Scan is simply scan tasks when the system is in idle mode.

Computer locked & or Screen Saver on = system in idle state.  

(imo) the (Idle Scan) wording on the GUI is poor. 

From the documentation:

To optimize the load on the system, you are able to run scan tasks (of the system memory, system partition, and startup objects) and database update tasks, while the computer is locked or the screensaver is on. Idle Scan helps maintain the security without affecting the computer performance.

Thank you🙏


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Thanks Nexon a lot clearer now :-)


Flood following a previous conversation its another example why installing and using KSC as is is the way to go. The program is taking care of everything by itself, no real need to tweak it. 

1- Rootkit scan is basically a quick scan running automatically every day

2- Idle scan is basically a full scan running randomly during a month

3- Auto scan is scanning external drive on access

Not much else to look for ...

IMHO adding a scheduled scan full or quick isnt really necessary since all the work seems to be done in the background. Scheduling a scan is more or less a feel good thing I would say. 

So to feel good Ill keep doing a full scan a month :-) but honestly I dont know why LOL



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