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I got HEUR:Exploit.Multi.Desert.gen from Kaspersky but I tried to clean it by Kaspersky but it doesn't work.

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I was surfing the web and accessing the Internet normally when suddenly I received a notification that there was a trojan in my computer by Kaspersky. I've tried running a quick scan and a full scan, but it doesn't seem to be doing very well. It still shows up when I use a web browser and log in to my personal account.

One of the notifications below


Event: Malicious object detected
User: HUUPHUC\meoud
User type: Initiator
Application name: msedge.exe
Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application
Component: Safe Browsing
Result description: Detected
Type: Trojan
Name: HEUR:Exploit.Multi.Desert.gen
Precision: Heuristic Analysis
Threat level: High
Object type: File
Object path: https://sdk.iad-06.braze.com/api/v3/data
MD5 of an object: F7C86BF2A8B02E5A77016F9A02CD1A1F
Reason: Expert analysis
Databases release date: Today, 7/23/2023 8:16:00 AM


You can see the image below

Please help me fix this problem and give me a solution.


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@rjgc: do You always get the K. detection in the same site only when opening the browser? it's “usual” to get from time to time some detection when surfing depending on the sites You visit, of course... a different story if You get the warnings always once You open the browser.

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