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Egress Outlook plug-in disabled by Kaspersky

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Egress is an email encryption tool popular with local authorities in the UK. One of my clients exchanges extremely confidential details about vulnerable people with their local authority via email encrypted using Egress. Unfortunately, my client also uses Kaspersky KESB Select 11.9, which blocks the Egress Outlook plug-in. This is the case in Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019. If you exit Kaspersky on the workstation before starting Outlook, the Egress plug-in works fine.

I have created scan exclusions in the Kaspersky Security Centre policies, but that has made no difference.



What can I do to stop Kaspersky interfering with the Egress Outlook plug-in?


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The correct place to add the application is in trusted applications, there you control the behavior of KES, with the indicated folder.
Always with %ProgramFiles%\ or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\ syntax

If it doesn't work, check which kaspersky component is blocking the application, in the Windows event log, it has all the application information and which component generated the event.



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