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Disable Kapsersky Keyboard?

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2 hours ago, Nick Og said:
  1. I can't find the settings described in Kaspersky Internet Security, TURN OFF Secure Keyboard Input
  • As far as I can see we are stuck with the icon\prompt at least in the plus version. Unless I have missed something

Hello @Nick Og


  1. (You) can't find the settings described in the topic raised by @booger, because it's for Kaspersky Internet Security, not Kaspersky Plus.
  2. ReadShow quick launch icon in data entry fields.



If you mean the keyboard that overlays the KPM icon, uncheck Show quick launch icon in data entry fields, Shopping & payment systems (in this case for Amazon site; or select the filter that applies). 


  • ?(ioo) it's a very poor design?

- if this is not the issue-> post an image of the icon\prompt that's concerning you; there's more than one icon/prompt - we need to see what you see, rather than guess; also, please make sure the image is of the full browser window, including the URL bar & the system date & time

Thank you?


Read before you create a new topic!

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