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control panel shows old versions.

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So about a week ago my kaspersky internet security updates to v but I went to control panel and I see I still have v20.0.14.1085 still installed. Same for secure connection. Is that correct or should that have uninstalled with the new version? If so, am I good to uninstall it without affecting anything?

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So about a week ago my kaspersky internet security updates to v but I went to After update to KIS v21.2, v20.0.14.1085 shows as still installed in Control, Progams & features.  still installed. KVPN also has same problem. 


Hello @Megasnake101


v is rolling out, globally, as Total Force upgrade, in staggered distribution & patch(A) has also been released. 

v is up to patch(C). 

v for both KIS & KVPN should be removed, please do the following:

  1. Create a System restore point
  2. Close all apps & browsers, except Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
  3. Uninstall KVPN v
  4. Uninstall KIS v, do not check/tick any check boxes
  5. At the end of the uninstall, make sure the computer fully shuts down, power on, login. 
  6. Check Kaspersky version & patch → make sure it’s v
  7. Run a manual Database update
  8. Run a manual Full scan → allow it to complete.
  9. TFU version & patch updates are applied by shutting & restarting the computer; wait for v, to arrive, when it does, the following should happen:

Image 1, 1. a Recommendation will show, 2. in the Notification centre, the Recommendation details are displayed, 3. in the Windows Notification centre, a dated message “Computer reboot is required to apply the update” will be displayed. 

IF, in the period up to 7 days, 168 hours, after the dated Notification has arrived, the computer is not shutdown and restarted, in Windows hidden icons, the Kaspersky icon, will turn red → image 2





Any problems or questions, please post back? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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