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Cannot access Gmail [MOVED]

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KIS, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Chrome with KIS Extension On


When I try to access Gmail, I get below message on the bottom of the screen and I’m stuck there forever. This happens with all the desktops in my office and home. I can access other Google products such as Google Calendar and Google Drive without any issues.

Waiting for gc.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com


If I pause protection from KIS, then I can access Gmail.

Reinstalling did not fix problem.

Unchecking “Traffic processing-Inject script into web traffic..” or Checking “Do not scan encrypted connections” in the Settings-Network did not fix the issue.


How should I fix this? Because this is happening to all desktops in my office and home, cause of this issue must not be desktop specific problem.

Please help!

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Hello  @jyleecpa,


  1. Has the issue always existed? If “no” when did it start please?
  2. In total, how many devices are impacted?
  3. Is the operating system version the same on every device?
  4. Is KIS version the same on every device? 
  5. On the home PC, run a GSI & Windows Logs, upload the zip folder to cloud and post back the link please? 

Thank you. 


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  1. Issue began today for all devices and I didn’t manually update anything recently for all devices.
  2. Total 7 office desktops and 1 home desktop
  3. 6 Windows 10 Pro, 2 Windows 7 Home
  4. KIS version is same on all
  5. GSI & Windows Logs is currently running. I will attach the file here once its finished.
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Is it safe to attach the log file here? does it contain any personal information or any information that hackers can use to get into my device? I have never uploaded to cloud. If cloud is required, please provide quick summary. I cannot read everything in the guide just to upload to cloud.

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Hello  @jyleecpa,

Thank you for replying.

⭕ If you post the link to your Topic, everyone will have access to the data, you may prefer to PM the link, then only the recipient of the link will have access to the data⭕

Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, MegaDrive, IceDrive are all 🔐 secure🔐cloud☁ services. 

(for example) GoogleDrive, sign in or create an account & sign in: top left hand side, select New, from dropdown select Folder Upload, note & or File Upload, allow the "upload” process to complete, highlight the uploaded folder, right click the highlighted folder, select Share, select Copy Link and paste link as per your preference. 

Thank you🙏

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  • 5 months later...

Yeah that one did the trick. For future wanderers, at first I tried to uncheck the Inject Script however that did not have any effect without clearing off the browser caches. 

Thank you very much @Berny.  Nevertheless, is there other possibility to solve this problem while keeping Inject script checked? I am asking because Inject script is actually useful when checked as it provides multiple functionalities. I thought of an app exception for google chrome to exclude ip address of the gmail, but could not find viable ip range of gmail services.

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