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Buffering problem using Online Banking - webpage drops back

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Running KIS and when I try to use Online Banking I can log in and see the initial “welcome” page showing my details but can get no further.

If I try to select an action eg. PAY or TRANSFER etc., I get the buffering icon then the screen I want pops up but it then goes back to the “welcome” page. Tried different browsers but still the same.

Tried from a friend’s house using his Raspberry Pi and it worked fine.

Anyone see anything similar or have any ideas ? Problem has only occurred in last week or so.

thanks    Phil

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Hi Igor

I have just tried again and same problem but noticed that the URL then changes to show some sort of Error Code which you may be able to make sense of - it is :


I’ve tried to send it to Barclays but can’t include some of the characters so have asked they email me and I can send it to them.



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I have the exact same problem which still exists today with Barclays Bank.

I usually turn off Kaspersky when such things happen, but the latest version no longer has the button to disable it.

What gives?

Luckily my laptop had an older version of Kaspersky and I managed to use the online Barclays website using that.

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  • Solution

At this step:

Workarounds are:

temporary disable Anti-banner component

temporary disable script inject option

temporary add URL of the bank to SSL exclusions - bank.barclays.co.uk


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Hi brendanjr,

I had this issue as well, but there is a new way to turn it off. On W10 locate the tray at the bottom right of your screen. You should find a small green shield for Kaspersky. If not visible try clicking the up arrow to reveal it. Then right click on the green shield and you should get options including “Pause protection” and “Exit”.

I found this by asking elsewhere on this forum.

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