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  1. Last night (it’s Eastern Time here) I uninstalled then installed KIS20. Taking me from 1088(k) to 1085(g). Doing so I bypassed the prompt to eliminate MB - leaving prompt with an unchecked box (as directed). Then went through the ‘Tools’ performing all maintenace items. Nothing was a show stopper. Then a Quick Scan followed by a Full Scan. Reports had no threats. (reference FLOOD above): 1> MSEdge and now Chrome. 2> They were yesterday but will go back and verify. When I did re-install I indicated to keep previous settings. I hope they were. 3> Yes. MSEdge still cannot allow me to login to AOL Email. Chrome does allow me. I’ll use Chrome - until all h*** breaks loose again. 4> I reset MSEdge last night. Chrome was just installed after all KIS20 scans were completed. Chrome is still holding in this am. MBAM conflicts - not sure what you are saying except I believe it was MB that directed me to ‘uncheck’ the option to eliminate what I believe was MB version 3.0 I noticed what is loaded is MB 4.0. Nevertheless I believe it was MB noted Kaspersky and MB had a current compatibility issue.
  2. Dear mastropizza, i am sorry but Upgrading the Agent without Permission from my Supervisor is no Option, especially when the other Computers are not affected by this Trouble. I am Managing the Agent via KSC 10 and this works fine too. Licenses are available too. But nontheless thank you for your quick Reply :) Regards Morgan
  3. Hello @Amr Salameh, Welcome! You can get an activation code in a number of ways, depending on how your purchased your license: If you purchased a Kaspersky product in a Kaspersky online store, the activation code is sent to the email address you specified when making the purchase. If you purchased a Kaspersky product on a CD, you will find your activation code in the Quick Start Guide. If you purchased a license renewal card, see the code on the back of the card. If you experienced any activation code issues: If you bought the license via MyKaspersky account or the Kaspersky website: Contact Digital River's customer service department. Create a request via this web form. ➡ If Kaspersky Internet Security software was brought from a third party source you must contact them⬅ Thank you🙏 Reference: About activation codes for Kaspersky products
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. Here are the asnwers : Windows 7 Home version 6.1 Version Yes the extension is enabled, but the icon wouldn’t show if it wasn’t enabled, right ? Free Yes all of them Waterfox, Firefox Nightly and Vivaldi Hope this helps
  5. Many thanks again, I appreciate the support! 2 other ways to find version & patch: Thanks. Following the links you kindly supplied earlier, I had no problem finding that info. My point was merely that it should perhaps be (also) an item under Help/About… which is a more familiar location. do a quick check Those requirements are all fulfilled, and KAV was working just fine until last night; in fact it still is (database updates work etc.); the problem is “merely” the missing (in Device Mgr etc) Ethernet adapter… Update: I have now uninstalled, in the usual manner via the Control Panel, the “Kaspersky Secure Connection” application (but not yet the main application), and restarted as required. No problems encountered. And as expected, those “Data Escort” adapters are now no longer listed in Device Manager, Network Settings, etc. But this means there is now only WiFi left, no Ethernet adapter is listed at all. Scan for Hardware Changes still did not help; and the usual trick of un/reinstalling (the driver) can’t be used because the adapter (driver) is not listed in Device Mgr in the first place. I also wonder if un/re-installing the KAV main application would really help: Wouldn’t that just bring back those “Data Escort” adapters, but not the “normal” one? So, apart from Kaspersky applications, what is the proper method to get back into Device Mgr an adapter which Win10 does not see? (The hardware, cable, etc. are still ok, as demonstrated by the VPN connection which shortly did work when I still had “Secure Connection” installed.) Then there is still the Restore Point, but from what I heard and read, there is a real risk that it will mess WIn10 up even further. At the moment everything still works, at least as long as the WiFi connection is good enough (haven’t yet checked the bandwidth). Warning about not using KAVremover duly noted! Thanks! the [auto-update] process is flawed Indeed. Auto-download and notification are OK, but actual installation should not be happening without prior warning/prompt… Let me know if I’ve missed anything? Thanks. I think now that the “Secure Connection” component is gone, it’s a more general issue of how to re-introduce the Ethernet adapter to Win10, once it has lost sight of it… And as said, I’d rather not (yet) try the Restore Point... Further Update: I remembered (belatedly...) the “Show hidden devices” option of Device MGR and can now see the adapter (Realtek Gaming GbE Family Controller) in the Device Mgr, but with a “greyed out” icon, and Win10 says “Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)”. So I cannot dis/enable it but could only uninstall it. (Which I don’t dare to do as I am not sure how to then re-install it.) I tried to update the driver, but after checking what is available (on the computer), Win10 then says that the best driver for the device is already installed...
  6. Hello @alnor, You’re very welcome! 1803, 17134.829. Re the: “I know”, don’t worry, however, do a quick check of Kaspersky Free 2020, (which btw, from the info you’ve provided, is KAV version installed), just so you’re across the information for your opsys & KAV20. Re “ unable to find the KAV version from the GUI; there really should be an "About..." item under the Help (”?”) button” Open KAV, select Headset🎧 , Support window opens, KAV version & patch “should be” 4th line after Kaspersky Technical Support. 2 other ways to find version & patch: 1Windows Taskbar, hover m🐭 use over Kaspersky icon, floating information popup will provide Name, version, patch & Database release date. 2Windows Taskbar, right click Kaspersky icon, select “About”, window displays Product name, version, patch. 🛑 Turning off “Kaspersky Austomatic Updates” will not stop major patch distributions🛑 (imo), the process is flawed, there should be a setting (like Windows) that downloads the patch & allows the Kaspersky Customer the chocie of when to apply, that would at least stop people being caught off guard & give Kaspersky Customers the opportunity to apply the update in a controlled manner. ☢ KAV, BEFORE UNISTALLING☢ ⚠ Check & download new KAV installer⚠ reference: Checking for a newer version of the application. Log into your MyKaspersky account, check Licenses Tab, KAVF should be listed, check “Details”. Then uninstall KAV via Windows, Programs & Features. The unistall process will present a popup with six selections, save License information only, even if the license information is generic for KAVF⬅ ⛔ Do not use Kavremover, unless directed to do so⛔ KSDE x 2, interesting isn’t it🤔 , I’ve noticed this, atm, have not worked out if it’s another Kaspersky “as per design”, or reflective of failed major updates/patches, still testing. Bottom line: if you’re not using KSC-VPN, uninstall it & the adaptors, which you may as well do AFTER you’ve refreshed KAV, otherwise you’ll be doing it twice. (imo), you don’t need to use the sysrstpoint atm, but, it’s very good you have it👏 I think I’ve covered everything, except for Murphy’s Law, that’s the luck of the Irish, to be sure, to be sure😉 Let me know if I’ve missed anything? Thank you🙏
  7. Hello FLOOD, many thanks for the quick reply, it’s much appreciated! Win10 version & build? Windows is still 1803 (Build 17134.829; I know) KAV version & patch? Thanks for those links! I had so far been unable to find the KAV version from the GUI; there really should be an "About..." item under the Help (”?”) button. The UI says the KAV version is (g). This is also the version seen in the Properties of avp.exe (dated 21.03.2019). But avp.com is dated 17.11.2019 (and has no version info in Properties). This may all still be the pre-update version. However, in the application folder I found a file verinfo.json (dated 09.12.2019) which says "build: "KAVKIS-20-MP0-", "version": """ This is perhaps the version after the (failed) update? Create a System Restore Point. I do have a System Restore Point from a few days ago, but am reluctant to activate it, for fear it may mess up even more things… (As per Murphy’s Law, I am in the middle of some important and urgent work when all this happened...) Uninstall KAV. Will uninstalling from the ControlPanel/Programs etc be sufficient, or is there a special uninstaller I saw one [LINK REMOVED] but don't know if this is an "official" and up-to-date one). I create regular (daily/nightly) system restore points, especially around times when I know Windows & or Kaspersky are pushing major updates. That is of course good advice. The problem is that I had set Kaspersky AV to automatic updates, and then I do not get any advance warning. I always learn about these updates only when they have already happened, and a restart is requested. I know I can disable automatic updates, but it seems I will then not get any notification either when an update is available. Thanks again for your help! I’ll report back if/when/how I have solved the issue. BTW, should there really be two “Kaspersky Data Escort” Ethernet adapters (see first post), or is that a side effect of the failed update?
  8. Update: I left a PC encrypting a 512GB USB drive before I went away for a couple of days. The computer locked up, so I could do nothing with it. When I returned KTS was reporting that the encryption had failed. I was unable to access the drive until I removed it the re-inserted it. It has a file named Password Protected.kde (which is the name I configured). When I clicked on it KTS asked for the password, which I entered. This opened a window saying the drive needed to be formatted, which gave every indication that it was the standard Windows formatting, so I expected the whole drive to be re-formatted. Formatting was very quick. However, Windows Explorer then showed a new drive Removable Disk (Z:), size 488GB. I am able to read and write to that drive, and it appears to be encrypted. It would appear, therefore, that KTS has successfully encrypted to drive, after some indeterminate time, even though it reported that it had failed.
  9. I had already checked the drive. It is formatted in exFAT. I am able to save files to it, so I don’t think there are any problems with it. Yesterday I ran ScanDisk to confirm no errors. I ran CrystalDiskMark to confirm the read/write speed. I also ran ChkDisk to confirm that it funtioned correctly. ChkDisk takes a long time to test 500GB so I stopped it before it had finished. I have just run a quick format on the drive, and I’ll run ChkDisk again to fully test it. I should also note that I experienced the same problem with another USB drive, which tends to suggest that it isn’t a hardware problem.
  10. Hello Mike, If you wish to invert the Kaspersky red/black icon to green shield Open the "Information" window of the Kaspersky software, as shown in the image Press the following keyboard keys: IDDQD  The icon should change. Thanks.
  11. Welcome. Are you using Safe Money or Secure data Input? Please tell us what Kaspersky product and version, browser, how are you surfing, etc. Also, please check system date/time is correct. Any better? If not, please post the screenshot of the error. How to take and post screenshot: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/492 PrtSc (Print screen) key (upper right part of keyboard)> open Paint (Start > All programs > Accessories) > Edit > Paste, File > Save as (jpeg or png, Not bmp). When replying, bottom left of reply box > Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Submit reply.
  12. Is it safe to attach the log file here? does it contain any personal information or any information that hackers can use to get into my device? I have never uploaded to cloud. If cloud is required, please provide quick summary. I cannot read everything in the guide just to upload to cloud.
  13. Hello @Nikolay arinchev Thanks for your quick response. The KES version is The KSC is 11. Exactly from where I have to do some tuning for the Honeywell handhold scanner? Thanks in Advance @Deadlock4400
  14. Thank you for your quick response. The version is 1903 (OS Build 18362.476) I’ve had in on here for 3 years or so. I can’t remember how it was installed. Steps 2 and 3 sound too complex for me. Thank you for sharing; KIS 2016 Runs as 32 bit on 64 bit Windows 10 I don’t need to read that, I just was asking if that was the reason it ran hot because sometimes thats the problem. I have the Microsoft Windows Defender protection on but it uses no power and no memory, so I was wondering if the stats I gave you were high or if that is just how hot KIS runs. So if there is a way to get it to use less power then please let me know. Otherwise I’ll have to live with it.
  15. Hello @Lemarque, KIS patch f is currently being distributed, if (your) KIS is yet to receive the patch, perform a regular shutdown of the computer. There may not be any indication a patch is “waiting”, the patch is applied by shutdowning down and restarting the computer. KIS Release Notes: Patches A – F for version Vulnerability Report: List of Advisories, issued on 25th November, 2019 Also, KIS 2020 has new software compatibility requirements, it’s worth doing a quick check to ensure there’s no conflicts. Best regards🙏
  16. Hi Flood! I used "unfortunately" just because it was something that I wanted to avoid, but there was nothing else to do. But the device is working fine now. I guess I realized what was wrong. About a month ago there was a system update that now I believe didn't go well. I think so cos' now that the device was restored and the system reinstalled I noticed that there were some errors concerning some settings like personal preferences in the display, for example. But I couldn't tell it before. So, maybe that caused the KIS bug. The device is fine now. I did lost some critical data, but my fault really, cos' I didn't have recent backups. I haven't reinstalled KIS yet. Even though it wasn't a KIS problem it was not a pleasant experience. Maybe I will install it later but haven't so far. If there's anything else I could add that would be helpful let me know. Again thanks a lot for your help! Problem solved. Thanks! Here's the screenshot of the unlock screen. The regular keyboard is back. ?
  17. Hi @FLOOD Everything seems to be fine (synched and checked as correctly working). It’s just that one time in which KIS couldn’t even start - clicking on KIS’ icon did nothing at all - that got me quite scared. But if that could have been just a temporary conflict (as a simple reboot did the trick) with windows, well, I can stop freaking out (XD). Thank you very much for the quick answer!
  18. Hello Flood! (in the following screen) Is this where you unlock your device with password, letters, no numbers? Not really. This screen is KIS isn't it? I've never seen it before. I attached the picture of the lock screen where my PIN is in alphabetical code. I use the regular Samsung keyboard to unlock it. Your "pin" in this screen, is in alphabetical code? That's the problem, since this is KIS screen, I think, I don't know what PIN it requires. It doesn't accept the alphabetical code here. If I can't unlock the device and there's no other option I do need help for factory reset. Thank you so much for your help!
  19. Hi petsy! The free KIS does have the anti-theft option. I unlock my device with password, just letters, no numbers. And the KIS keyboard - that's in the picture I attached - doesn't allow letters, just numbers. I am the 1st and only owner of this device. And I've never had a problem with it. I am not on Android 9 cos' it's an old device. I guess this version is not supported. Thanks for your help!
  20. Those are the messages. The only keyboard I have access to is the above and I don't know what PIN is required to unlock it.
  21. Hi Flood! Thanks for your reply! 1. I don't know the version, but it was updated 2, maximum 3 weeks ago. 2. Most of it. I don't have recent backups for my WhatsApp account and some recent documents. That's my main concern. 3. The message says to return the device to the owner. I was in the middle of a call when it stopped working. I was able to use the regular Samsung keyboard to type my password. When I called back the person I was talking to it locked the device and showed up the message above. I went to My Kaspersky to get the required PIN. A RECOVERY CODE - 16 numbers - were given. Tryed it out a couple of times. It didn't unlock the device. Same message shows up. Then I disconnected the device on My Kaspersky. Nothing changed. Same message. The device is still locked. Thanks for your help.
  22. Thank you for the quick replies. Also yes, this is the first time that the report showed “x ignored cloud” . Recently I did a clean installation of windows, formatting my pc, and before I did that KIS never showed me that “ignored cloud” message. It’s actually quite probable that I missed some updates, previously, either from the Windows side or from KIS and that the ignored cloud is just 1drive. I’ll try to ask TS about it and update the result here too. Thank you very much for all the help and the willingness (in answering my questions)
  23. Hello @Safety Seeker, Welcome! Please tell us: (A) Android version? KIS version? Facebook version? Do you have an image of the 'Facebook New Feature' please? Do you have an image of the Kaspersky msg “new app and required the premium version to perform the scan”, please?I’ve checked the KIS Free version, there are no scan limitations, Quick Scan, scans installed apps, including new apps, Full Scan, scans entire device. There is a new Facebook Protect feature, using 2FA🤔(B) My suggestions: Go to Google PlaySore, check your account, select My Apps & games, verify the Facebook application version installed including the last update date & version? Go to Phone Application Manager, check Facebook application, ensure the version information matches that of the Facebook application in Google PlayStore. If the information does not match: Uninstall Facebook application. Reboot phone. Run KIS (manual) Database Update. Run KIS (manual) Full Scan. Download & install Facebook application. Reboot phone. Run KIS (manual) Database Update. Run KIS (manual) Full Scan. Monitor for any issues?Please post back? Thank you
  24. I recently installed Kasperksy Internet Security for my Android mobile phone. I swiped into my phone yesterday, 16th November. It showed a notification of an update for 'Facebook New Feature'. I found this strange as I’d have expected it to just show ‘Facebook’. So I clicked on it to start a scan, but Kaspersky would not scan it and said that it was a new app and required the premium version to perform the scan. Nothing suspicious has happened on my phone since that time. I performed a quick scan, then a full scan later. Both returned no issues. The Application Manager shows Facebook installed, but no ‘Facebook New Feature'. Should I be concerned about this? If so, what should I do? Why would Kaspersky not scan this update/installation? Does Kaspersky scan apps installed on the phone, after the date which Kaspersky was installed? Could this be a database virus update regarding some vulnerability in Facebook?
  25. Hello @Caspians. Installed 2020 already, you must be a quick “reader”😉 Thank you for the report! What’s interesting is, (for GraphPad Prism 7.03), KIS is not collecting the alerts, other than: to allocate it to the Low Restricted group, and, move it to: Trusted group, presumably after you’ve acknowledged the alerts. I’m going to test some of the apps you’ve mentioned… I’ll post back on this. Also, is KIS licensed? If “yes”, have you raised a case with the Lab? Let me know please? Thank you🙏 !
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