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  1. Yup I connected them. forgot to put in the post. They are also clueless. Response was that we will sent you email then you have to describe your problem there and they didn't send me any thing)))).
  2. Hello guys. I've been trying to connect to Indian server but it won't connect. I am using android. And the crazy part is it works fine in windows. Other country servers is working fine(android). I am trying to connect for 6 hours. Steps taken- 1)Close the app and force stop it in android setting and the restart 2)Used different internet providers (mobile data and wifi) 3)Clearing cache data 4)Uninstalling and Installing 5)Shutdown and rebooting mobile device. I am out of ideas.
  3. Well thats was quick. As soon as I have posted comment they fixed it ?. Now everything working fine.?
  4. Same here. VPN not working both in pc nor phone. 3 hours still no fix. At least they have to inform about that.
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