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  1. Ohh did not know that. But the store page still sell Kaspersky Internet Security, Total Security and Kaspersky antivirus suite series. Why haven’t Kaspersky updated the article on all of those product pages? It seems obvious to ask but still will Kaspersky Internet Security be upgraded onto this 21.5 version only available so far on this series Kaspersky Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium ? Anyhow thank you again for quickly reponding another doubt I couldn’t locate at.
  2. I’ve tried to participate on a open conversation dedicated on this same question, regarding the circumstance in continue to use genuine Windows 7 series after 2021. Nobody seems to answer back there so I decided to ask again now two years after that thread was made. I’m curious since this thread still open. The article on support page is already 1 year old was last reviewed april 2021. I cannot afford upgrading to windows 10 yet because my current PC is really weak. My license is 59* days left to expire. Can I continue reneweing without knowing if Kaspersky will stop supporting this year or untill next year win.7? My e-mail adress got inform about automatic renew system and is schedulling a bill on the next days so I would like to know if I can continue to use KIS 21.3 or if this year will be another upgrade and or will I be harmed after paying for an antivirus suite that no longer will operate under this Operating system.
  3. I’m curious since this thread still open. The article on support page is already 1 year old was last reviewed april 2021. I cannot afford upgrading to windows 10 yet because my current PC is really weak. My license is 60 days left to expire. Can I continue reneweing without knowing if Kaspersky will stop supporting this year or untill next year win.7?
  4. Since March 6th the data bank daily searched for updates, everytime now when I turn on my PC and click open KIS, I receive some add from Kaspersky logo to rate the antivirus app. But here is the thing I always turn on my machine offline and after a while that advertise or rate window get closed, and I can’t bring that up. It has been annoying me since everytime I restart my PC to get this over with, that add just won’t stay up for too long. Is there someway to turn off this add? I mean should an antivirus application use advertisements of this kind hidden in the application? I can’t remember this happening in the past since KIS 18.
  5. So this article is located on licensing and purchase section. Wasn’t aware. Thanks for informing and very glad I can continue using the same KIS license. Thank you and much appreciated.
  6. It has been delayed by my own to choice to continue on Windows 7 for but now plans have been made to move on. Since the articles offered on KIS support article regarding removing, uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security have been inefficient to my doubt. It has been since 2019 if I remember to manage Kaspersky Internet licenses and on which machines are currently running, they all are storaged on My Kaspersky account. My question is : Do I have to go to My Kaspersky account and unsign or edit some parameter there before I wipe my HD and install the new Operatin System? Since my license is active on one machine only and the purchase is for one machine, how do I can keep using the rest of days have left on that license onto a new machine with a diferent Operating System? I have opened a ticket onto regional suspport but I have been waitting for two days and there were no response back so I’m willing to ask here about this.
  7. So this unknown bug that have been getting deeper I study more about but the problem is showing diferent aspects on the result since May 10th where now rootkit scan will get paused if I open or have been executing these two programs that I have so far seen simultaneously pausing or showing signs of rootkit scan been concluded before reaching 100%. Since I’m still operating on Windows 7 and the other machine on Windows 8. Both computers showed that opening notepad program while rootkit scan is running. The effect taken are stopping and pausing the progress on the scan. But on the actual I’m presented using Windows 7 OS indicated also another program when open or are being executed while or when rootkit scan is about to start is that stop completely the progress of the scan and become paused but the message on KIS interface under background scans are located show rootkit scan finished 39%. If these programs are closed, the rootkit scan go back up and continue to progress. The interface is odd and show there are inconsistency in the sentence and about the behavior that have been happening since Kaspersky Internet Security (b) from updates that were installed from May 10th. These were programs I had issue while rootkit scan is running: Gimp 2.8.14 Notepad ++ 6.1
  8. So like I said and I’ve been complaining about rootkit scan are being paused for no reason explained so far when are being executed background just like on your image showed from 3 days ago dated on 3/5/21 between a minute and two minutes after showed the rootkit scan was started twice showing it have been paused for unknown reasons. Which I assume was being done background. So It has been 3 days since May 4, I’ve sent my answer back to Kaspersky support from my region and they still haven’t answered back however the website show the ticket still being processed. I find weird how late they are to answer me back and I can’t update the ticket with the new finds I have discovered during the last days. So try the best if to follow my understanding. As I was and still studying this annoying and unknown conflict that make rootkit scan to not follow 24 hour daily procedure but also get paused while doing in background but if the interface is brought on screen, the progress is never paused. So my very first suspicious about the option to deactivate verification scans while working on battery could be the reason for rootkitscan were not starting every 24 hours is wrong. I have learned a bit more about and I have stronger sense the option about fullscreen game mode is the reason rootkit scan are getting denied every 24 hours after. In the past 3 days I was playing games in fulllscreen and I as usual I quit and wait on desktop minutes before rootkit scan is about to start. When it began with KIS interface brought on screen I followed the progress being executed normal, without pause and being completed 8-11 minutes after, and instead of 18-30 minutes way after. But about last night since I was not playing anything just working in the machine, editting images, drawing and stuff alike. The rootkit scan should have followed ‘last time’ date which at 21:45. So I did wait and there were no signs about being started...waited again with Kaspersky Internet Security interface on screen and no sign about starting up. So 10 minutes after the expectation I tried something that from days before yesterday was to execute some video, music on fullscreen mode...waited 3 seconds and exitted the video, music and back to desktop, the rootkiscan started at last! So have studied this much about and I assume the reasons for rootkit scan are denying 24 hour rule daily scan is because there is some unknown bug that conflict with this option: Fullscreen game mode might be the reason to rootkit scan have been avoiding 24 hours daily scansIf this is happening only to windows 7 users then this issue haven’t been examinated completely or was never found when the company released way too soon Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security Therefore all I can do and wish to inform the community about this matter and if anyone have the interest to help another user in this conflict. Test these finds I have learned and share with the world and of course sent to Kaspersky support. However I am unable to update my ticket since the support in my region ‘’still processing’’ and I can’t do anything about.
  9. Hmm...as I suspected rootkit scan are taking more than 11-8 minutes like used to be when back older version of KIS 20.0 when on KIS 21.2 rootkitscan were taking almost 13-15 minutes to run a regular verification scan and KIS 21.3 is using 18-28 minutes to run a scan? This behavior certainly have proved my point of course the behavior in pausing when running background or when not following 24 hours followed by the last time rootkiscan ended still unresolved. However your image doesn’t show if the rootkitscan was being paused and started again and finished. Check your rootkit scan by clicking on: Open rootkit/background scan and check if the verification was being paused;As example today 30 minutes after I turned on the computer, rootkiscan started normal but upon finishing I was curious why showed two times being started = iniciada which demonstrate the verification got paused for no reason since I was not connected to the internet. I usually turn on the machine unplugged from the internet cable for personal reasons since I have a schedule and routine to check the computer before going to internet. Anyhow today I don’t know why showed the scan was paused 2 minutes after being started at 21:01 and when I went to software updater noticed there were no automatic search for anything which could have discontinued rootkit scan but since that was not it then I don’t know what it was the cause of it. Ohh I have completely forgot to mention that on my last comment that Kaspersky Internet Security was still being operated on the version so I think about May 1st KIS pass to so I am not so sure if the symptoms about ‘’24 hour rule’’ and if background scan will work are back to normal but I will assume is not since today’s rootkit scan got paused when KIS interface was on screen so I still don’t know what have paused the progress.
  10. So I have studied a bit more about this irresponsive behavior on background, rootkit scans since KIS 21.3 have been released and I have found, the '24 hour rule’ are no longer being followed but if I turn on the machine passing the last time rootkit scan have finished on the next day turning on the PC later on, the rootkit scan will begin 30 minutes after. So it has been 2 days, the ‘30 minutes programming rule’ have been working but ‘24 hours daily rule’ still inoperative. Of course tonight the rootkitscan went back and last 18 minutes to run a scan over 1.7k files which is considered very low and to take too much of this time show again Kaspersky Internet Security is bugged.
  11. After couple days struggling as usual to convice the suport in my region to understand this issue have been clearly identified in my experience as unknown conflict due to Kaspersky Internet Security being released too soon after Kaspersky Internet Security showed problematic behaviors as such I have listed on my other discussion. On the 8th conversation they were very much unreasonable to tell me to uninstall and install back KIS. Anyway I’ve been there, done everything I know mostly common that could be done and background scan like rootkit scan still act weird. Like yesterday the verification scan didn’t start at all even I did wait untill 23:43 when a day before the scan was finished at 22:12. But today when I turned on the computer at 19:01 and waited 30 minutes after, the rootkit scan start regularly. And the most surprisily thing is that the scan timelapse took less than 10 minutes like used to be to a count of 1.7k-1.8k files and since Kaspersky Internet Security have been released I noticed rootkit scan have been taking aprox. +18-20 minutes to do the procedure. It has been slower and to compare with another machine I have home with basic protection of Kaspersky antivirus program. The background scan time lapse have been as well taking 20 minutes to do what used to be a quick scan that would take 8-11 minutes. So could someone be kind to lead a stronger direction to inform about this problem and let the company know about this annoying problem?
  12. Okay, thank for your rapid response at the current time and yes I will try the support and see how it goes.
  13. Unfortunally the problem still remain unsolved. I thought would have been fixed by tweaking some configuration in the perfomance section of KIS but didn’t do a thing about. I have turned on my computer at 16:05 and waited untill 16:56 working around in my desktop and at 17:07 rootkit scan followed the programming from yesterday that ended at 17:06 but with Kaspersky Internet Security interface closed and only following the progress through window’s task ray I have found myself stuck on the same issue that happened April 17. Rootkit scan when running background keep getting paused and never proceedThe rootkit scan started at 17:07 but paused for unknown reasons at 17:09 and I could not find a way to proceed so it kept hanging at 29% with 12 files being verified and simply got stuck on that progress for almost 3 minutes. So I went to background scan window and deactivated again and activated back. The message on report section showed instead of being paused at 17:09, changed to interrupted. But on the detailed report section showed diferently the information regarding when did start and when should have been paused but changed to finished at 17:12 instead being on 17:09. I’m still clueless about what is causing this complication to happen. Or there is a severe issue on Kaspersky Internet Security databank version or some configuration that I have been using since the beginning of 2018 is making now unknown problems. I’ll be sending today’s rootkit scan document and my user configurations if this might clear things about what may be cause of the trouble. Seems like I can’t send cfg. format from configurations so what should I do since I keep failing to attempt to send any bug report or technnical issues I find with Kaspersky Internet Security to GSI website and the program itself. I shouldn’t be worrying about anything you asked since hibernate and sleep mode on my computer have been deactivated for many years ago but I do get frequently power surges in my home but the nobreak usually hold them at these situation but I never faced any power surge during rootkit scans. Only happen when I’m playing games for long hours without stopping.🤦 About how insisted you’ve been with pdf file is that like I said few commentaries ago is that I forgot to name proper to english the file but content of it had just the image in native language and a translation in english about what happened on April 17. Now there have been some disappointment about the experience for the very first time I see any verification scan to fail without any explanation and for that thinking it would repeat the procedure but never got it back. And if the rootkist scan get interrupted still obligate the user to wait for another 24 hours to start another scan? This is very much uncalled for since there should be a ‘’save proof’’ programming to whenever the schedule background failed to attempt should be repeated in another 30 minutes but I did wait untill 17:45 and there were no sign about having another rootkit scan. So I will have to wait for tomorrow and by tomorrow I will have go back and keep Kaspersky Internet Security open on screen while doing rootkiscan because of unknown reasons background isn’t working. However update schedules and automatic search is running proper in the background. Is just rootkiscan that isn’t working on background on Kaspersky Internet Security
  14. I suspected did wrong again. Visiting this community late at night make my actions become numb. Anyway let me enlighten what I have done by now so since last night very near midnight I have change some parameters on the user in perfomance column where the option to ‘’deactivate verification scans while working on battery, or in idle mode’’ which translating to my language it does only warn under the pretext of ‘’working on battery’’ but if does say in english ‘’on idle, standby’’ then this seriously wrong with the translation and then any verification would never work. But since Kaspersky Internet Security© never had this conflict neither the older version of KIS 20.0. It must be a unknown bug or some conflict in this new data bank version Kaspersky Internet Security Returning to what I did that somehow ‘’resolved’’ was to: Turned off Deactivate scheduled verification scans while working on battery After I have done this tweak, I have turned on the computer today at 16:25. I kept checking the minutes passing by with Kaspersky Internet Security opened on screen and then at 16:56 the rootkitscan somehow...sort of started and did not pause. Didn’t get interrupted not even once while I had the Kaspersky Internet Security main interface open. The icon on taskbar did progress normally, the green color refreshed according to KIS icon on task ray from 1% to 39%, then to 40% to 76% and at last to 90% and 98%-99%. In my suspicions discoveries I will be keeping Kaspersky Internet Security interface, window open on screen since background scan or having KIS window, interface closed might continue to deny the programming on rootkit scans to run in background. But I’m not sure either about this thought. So after all this being told I am sort of happily to send the correct file. Now about ‘’Lembrete PDF’’ is that I pretty much forget to translate and name something more commonly of understanding to anyone in here.
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