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  2. so means that Advanced disinfection technology for server OS still can function . Just need to enable through policy ? If my server is not managed by KSC then i cannot use this function ?
  3. fernandogoodboy

    Virus Hides The removable drives

    Dear Evgeny, yesterday I updated The KES and it could find the mentioned malware. the issue is resolved. Thank you,
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  5. Добрый день. Нет, проверку содержимого трафика по защищенному протоколу в KES 10SP2 настроить нельзя, но можно настроить Веб-Контроль для запрета посещения определенных сайтов.
  6. Добрый день. Хотелось бы видеть в вашем продукте контроль устройств в Безопасном режиме Windows. Т.к. остается не закрытой данная проблема на текущий момент в KES 11. Если не удается через ваш модуль в связи с ограниченным количеством загружаемых драйверов, то добавить возможность с помощью вашей программы создать ограничения через групповые политики домена.
  7. KIS 2019 may not yet be released for your region, but you can download it from this link. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/homeuser/kis2019/ I have the GB version listed, which works fine.
  8. Подскажите плиз, есть ли возможнсть настроить в KES10SP2 проверку трафика HTTPS
  9. Добрый день. Какая именно ошибка появляется ? Сбои работы системы не всегда приводят к полной потере функционирования KSC, нужно проверить работает ли служба SQL сервера и запущена ли kladminserver. Если работает процесс klbackup - дождаться его завершения. Подробнее о используемых портах вы можете узнать в разделах справки https://help.kaspersky.com/KSC/SP3/ru-RU/123332.htm и https://help.kaspersky.com/KSC/SP3/ru-RU/158830.htm При получении новых ошибок, пожалуйста, присылайте GSI отчет с сервера администрирования там мы сможем видеть последние ошибки.
  10. Could you please share your remote installation settings ? Or even better remote installation task, you can send it to @KLCentralSupport personal messages and don't forget to add a link to this topic.
  11. Hello. Please download the GSI Report from below https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-NbR1Et0suA0PWzfzmSstGt246EqQod7/view?usp=sharing Thanks!
  12. Hello. Please check the following article Enabling or disabling Advanced Disinfection technology for file servers
  13. Hello. You may follow this article https://support.kaspersky.com/9342 or provide GSI report from affected workstation.
  14. Hello. You can specify management group for a PC when you create deployment or remote installation task, but not during installation package creation. Server knows the task scope, so when agent pulse packet reaches the server, it moves device record to specified management group.
  15. Hello. Thank you for a reply. Topic closed.
  16. Hello. Here is error messages from GSI: Network agent is running and configured, so the transport error could be a result of some third party interrupting ssl connection. Could you please describe steps performed to update KES ? Could you share error messages from your cloud console ?
  17. Hi, can you please scan the websites https://technosaavy.com/ , https://akashshivanand.com and https://top10schools.net/ so that it gets a green mark in search results. Thanks a lot in advance.
  18. Using Kaspersky Total Security, latest version fully updated. I have same issue. I turned on interactive protection because it could not easily mark application as trusted - I compile multiple apps frequently, and the get scanned and deleted before I can set them as trusted. Even when I go into quarantine and restore them, they get deleted again before I can browse to them in exclusion. I have to either turn off protection while compiling, or turn off interactive protection. Now when I get the manual prompt and select "Remember my choice for this sequence" and click Allow it doesn't remember the choice - next time I run same action it reports same warnings and waits to click Allow again. Please do not suggest I turn on Perform recommended actions automatically, as I want manual control when a new threat is detected, but expect my choice to allow or block to be remembered for the exact same process, group and run sequence if I check the Remember my choice for this sequence option. I have been testing KTS for while now, and this is must have ability. If KTS can't correctly remember choices when running in interactive mode I will have to revert to another security solution. Cheers
  19. Evgeny_E

    Image deployment on bare metal machine

    Hello. Follow this instruction in order to perform a test: Remote installation of operating systems and applications . To make sure there that this is not a server side error, create a test PC, install only network agent on it and specify this workstation in "Manage the list of PXE servers in the network" section as a PXE server, then run a test deployment. Please let us know if you had no errors or new error messages of a different nature.
  20. I have had this issue with KIS 2018 since I upgraded from windows 1703 to 1803, when I uninstalled KIS I was able to use bluetooth normally, the trouble came back when reinstalling KIS 2018. So I contacted technical support because I kinda want to keep buying kaspersky as my next antivirus. With their advice my phone can see my computer listed but I was not able to transfer photos, also I can't add new devices on the computer (the dialog closes), but I was able to connect my xbox controller again (I had it paired before installing KIS so I'm not sure how much this will help you), this is the advice they gave me: For security, by default Kaspersky Internet Security restricts certain communication on new networks. Please follow the steps in the following article to set any known networks to 'Trusted': http://support.kaspersky.com/us/12043?cid=pe#block2 *Note: the article is applicable to 2018. Kaspersky restricts certain local communication on networks even when the network is set to Trusted. Please make this change: Open Kaspersky. Click on 'Settings'. Click on 'Protection' on the left. Scroll down the right side and click on 'Firewall'. Click on 'Configure packet rules'. Right-click on 'Local Services (TCP)' and click 'Edit'. Change the 'Action' from 'Block' to 'Allow'. Click the 'Save' button. Right-click on 'Local Services (UDP)' and click 'Edit'. Change the 'Action' from 'Block' to 'Allow'. Click the 'Save' button. Close the window. Click the Back arrow in the upper left twice to return to the main window. They asked me for system information and a trace report, my ticket has been escalated and I'm waiting for a solution. I might try installing KIS 2019 when I have time but for now it is more likely that my ticket is answered before.
  21. Where would we find the installation logs from the managed device ? Thanks!
  22. I have changed my URL to https://www.pugetluxury.com If possible I'd really appreciate a scanning...
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