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Windows Surface Pro 11 (ARM Processor) will not install? When?

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3 hours ago, racerswift said:

Just tried to load total security on a new Surface Pro 11.  Has the ARM processor, will not load as incompatible, Any timeline on fixing this issue?  

Hello @racerswift


In topic: VMware Fusion + Windows 11 on MacBook Pro M1, DmitryKarpov, asked: "Is there any timeline for getting it ready for the ARM platform?

@Danila T. replied:

"Yes, there are such plans, but we can't announce the dates yet."

Also  Kaspersky Total Security - has been replaced by Kaspersky Plus, (you) may wish to upgrade, the upgrade is *free* & is like-for-like, READ: Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium - info & FAQ

Thank you🙏

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