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Unable to delete detected objects

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Hello. I recently installed Kaspersky Security Cloud software because my MS Defender notified me about some Trojan files and could not remove them. I ran a full scan with the KSC software, showing me 456 infected objects. When I tried to "resolve all" under the 'Protection' subsection of Notification Center, it only showed a loading spinning wheel and didn't delete any object. It says, "Your decision is required to delete these objects." - I thought I meant to click on the resolve all option, but it doesn't seem to delete those objects. I have attached screenshots which might provide more info.

If someone has faced this issue or knows more about it, please help me find a solution to this. Thank you in advance!

OS: Windows 10 Home x64

KSC Version:






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Hello @acosmos, Welcome.

Kaspersky has found the Kali-Linux installation file. This is specifically designed for penetration testing of systems and of course contains routines that can be classified as malicious.
KSC cannot delete them individually, this would make the entire installation package unusable.
If you delete the download manually, the spook should be over. Or you can set an exception for this package.

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@Schulte Thanks for responding. I use Kali-Linux on VirtualBox for some of my college classes, so I am afraid that the deletion of files might mess up something. And it has been there on my system for a year, and MS Defender never found any problem with it.

I wanted to eliminate the threats Defender found some days ago when I downloaded files from a movie website. Do you think it is possible to deal with those three detected threats in KSC?

defender found threats.PNG

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Hello @acosmos,

it is difficult to give the appropriate advice here.
But I suspect that Defender has detected the same Kali Linux files.
For example, the Defender detection 'HackTool:Win32/Fgdump' is detected by Kaspersky as 'not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.PWDump.eo'.

Normally this would be something for support, but for the Free it is unfortunately not available.

Since it is not impossible that there is active malware on the computer, I would like to recommend the following:
Go through the detected objects and leave everything in the 'C:\Users\HP\Downloads' folder unnoticed for now.
If you find an entry without this path, such as the detection in 'C:\Users\hp\Appdata\roaming\...', then click 'Resolve' for that entry and observe if KSC can delete it.

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@Schulte Before seeing your advice, I did that and clicked on "resolve all" for a bunch of other objects. I left it running in the background for an entire day to resolve all those issues, and I guess it did. I found that KSC detected only four objects this time, and I could also resolve those. So, now the full scan shows safe results : )

Thanks a lot for your help! 


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