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Please change "Passwords" prompts

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33 minutes ago, jhobbs2 said:

The app says "Main Password".  Please change to make it clear whether it wants the password for my.kaspersky.com or the Vault password. In this case, it wanted the vault password, but wasn't clear....

Hello @jhobbs2


  • KPM main password is documented, at the top right-hand corner of all Kaspersky apps, the ? represents Help, select the ? will open the Online Help resource - related to the screen you are on



  • In the Online Help, on the left-hand side, search main password


  • Kaspersky Password Manager uses the main password to protect your data. When you start Kaspersky Password Manager for the first time, you must create a main password. Don't use a password that can be easily guessed (for example, based on last names, first names, or dates of birth). To create a strong password, use uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters. The maximum length of the main password is 64 symbols.
  • You enter the main password to unlock your vault.
  • You can't access your vault without the main password. If you lose the main password, you will also lose access to all your data in the vault -> the KPM main password is unable to be recovered by Kaspersky.
  • The My Kaspersky account section uses/displays the email address used by Kaspersky Password Manager to connect to My Kaspersky. In this section, you can disconnect Kaspersky Password Manager from the My Kaspersky in order to connect the application to the website using a different account.

Thank you🙏

One of the resources: Kaspersky Password Manager interface

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