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Personal Data Privacy

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Hello, I have read every possible page on Kaspersky's website regarding user data privacy for United States customers (home users, not companies). Yet, I can't get a definitive answer to the following questions. Could someone from Kaspersky please answer?! The customer service in Malaysia is useless. 

1) Where exactly is personal data of US users processed and most importantly stored? At the Swiss data center or on the Kaspersky or any other cloud to which everyone has access from anywhere in the world?

2) Does Kaspersky AV save, store and share privale confidential files of its users, such as files in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, also private chats, emails, photographs, medical and financial statements, phone calls with any of its offices? Does Kaspersky save them to the cloud in human readable format? Does Kaspersky read the content of these files? In what format are personal files saved and stored on Kaspersky's cloud? 

3) Does the USA data travel to such countries as China, Russia, Belarus? Does Kaspersky cooperate with these countries to collect personal data of its American customers? 

4) If a file has no virus it has no need to be moved to the cloud. Do good files just stay on user's device?

5) How long does it take for Kaspersky to erase user's personal data and to send a report of what exactly had been collected and erased per the user's request? 

6) What is the retention period for:

a) private confidential files (photos, emails, chats, word and pdf documents with sensitive medical and financial informaion)

b) trace files

c) logs, history of user's activity

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