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Password Manager extension not showing in Safe Money!

Pepe Gazzo
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36 minutes ago, Pepe Gazzo said:

The Password Manager extension is not showing in the SafeMoney second window that pops up with the green borders. I use Chrome on Windows 10 Pro. Is there anything I can do? Thank you!

Hello @Pepe Gazzo


  1. Which KPM version - on the Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the KPM icon, select About
  2. Which Kaspersky AV software & which version & patch(x), x=letter, is installed, on the Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About?
  3. In KPM application, Settings, Browsers, what is the Google Chrome status? 
  4. In the Google Chrome 'normal' browser, is the KPM extension enabled -> chrome://extensions/ ? 
  5. In the Google Chrome 'SafeMoney' browser, is the KPM extension enabled -> chrome://extensions/ ? 
  6. In the Google Chrome browser, chrome://settings/passwords - are Autosave & Autofill, both OFF
  7. Check: Prepare Chrome and chromium-based browsers for Kaspersky Password Manager ? 
  8. Check: Install Kaspersky Password Manager extensions ? 
  9. Is the extension in Chome this version: - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kaspersky-password-manage/dhnkblpjbkfklfloegejegedcafpliaa ? 
  10. IF all the above checks are ok, in KPM, go to Settings, Import/Export -> Backup copy, select Create Copy, allow the Backup to complete. Uninstall KPM application, when the uninstall is complete, shutdown the device, using SHUTDOWN, not Restart, power on, log in, download & clean install KPM application, recheck, KPM extension / Chrome / Safe Money issue? 

Please let the Community know the outcome when it's available?

Thank you🙏


Kaspersky Password Manager extension

Stalker alert, we may add more to this topic🤓

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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12 minutes ago, Pepe Gazzo said:

When I checked the number 9 item I opened that URL on the SafeMoney windows and installed it there. Now it works. Thank you!

Hello @Pepe Gazzo

Thank you for taking the time to update the Community🙏

Brilliant & well done👏, we're delighted to read 9. solved the issue🤸‍♂️

Best regards,

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