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Password Check Feature is Painful!

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I was trying to review my logins using the Password Check menu but it is very very difficult to use.

The main issue for me is the constant synching. Why not have an option to synch at the end? As in you could at least disable a number of notification and then hit save instead of auto-synching that keeps doing for every entry? It also falls into an eternal synching mode I can only get out of by closing the program completely in task manager.

Also, why not have a delete button for each entry as well? There are things that are old or meant for local LAN use that I could easily delete from the list without and major concerns but can't. I'd have to make up a list of them first, from the results in the Password Check window to then go back to All Entries, search and delete.

Please help us out here. This is just common sense stuff that would make the user experience much more enjoyable.


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