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Out-of-office policy problem

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i installed KSC 14.2 on my server, i  deployed KES 12.3 on all PCs in work environment and I applied main policy to devices that include prohibit using removable devices. but i have some laptops also work out of our corporation and need to connect removable devices, then i create also an out-of-policy for specific laptops users to allow connect removable devices when they are work out of corporate.

But the problem is:

- If these laptop users disconnect their laptops from the company network (unplug network cable from laptops) when they are inside the company, the out-of-policy will apply and they can use removable devices to copy data to/from laptops, and then reconnect their laptops to network (plug network cable into laptops) and copy anything they want between laptops and data in network. 

So, the using of out-of-office policy in these cases is a big mistake.

What is the benefit of using main policy (not out-of-office policy) if the laptops users can overtake the main policy by unplug network cables from their laptops exploiting the loophole in out-of-office policy.

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@Zied - I don't think this will help solve the problem...

@Kasper2023 - Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved by technical means. In your case, it is necessary to clarify for employees about the incorrectness of such actions. otherwise, tightening measures and refusing to use removable drives in offline mode (automatically). Provide only upon request, when someone outside your network wants access.

Request temporary access to a device


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