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I want to see the untrustworthy URL

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Hi Support team,

I install "age of Empires Definitive Edition" game. It is always update sync data. some days ago when Kaspersky ask to me block URLs with reason https. I don't know It is sync data of game. Now, The game can't be sync data. If I turn off Kaspersky then It can be sync data. 

My question How Can I delete all untrustworthy URLs on my PC? I can't remember that URL So, I can't add it to trust section.


Best regards,




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Please upgrade to Kaspersky Standard.
The Global version (no regional restrictions)  is available here → https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/standard

You can proceed with an on-top install and Kaspersky Standard will  import your license information + your setting as well as your  banking websites , before proceeding please export your KIS settings.

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