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Hello dear Kaspersky team,

I am from D5 Render, which is a 3D visualization renderer program.

We got a problem with Kaspersky antivirus, and now we sincerely ask for your help.

Many of our users said Kaspersky blocks or deletes our file because it was considered as trojan..Please see file attached.

In fact, it is not any trojan, and I put the file into OpenTip, the result is OK as well.

So we hope you can help us solve the problem, like solving the false positive, or point out whether the file has problems.




Best Regards,


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I have just attempted to reproduce the issue: downloaded, installed and ran the application. No detect. 

We will need Kaspersky product traces with reproduction of the detect and the detected sample. Can you collect these and share privately with me via PM the download link? How to enable tracing: https://support.kaspersky.com/help/Kaspersky/Win21.14/en-US/203985.htm

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Hi @D5 Render Oliver,
I also recommend considering the possibility of participating in the Allowlist program: https://www.kaspersky.com/partners/allowlist-program, this should reduce false positives of the antivirus

@Igor Kurzin была подобная тема, может уже пофиксили и достаточно обновить базы продукта:


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