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Connection Problem while activating my Account

Mohamed Ahmed

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Hi , I'm Mohamed Ahmed,

I'm a new user to my kaspersky Free , i installed The product successfully , now its time to activate the Product ; to enable the protection 

but , when i try to activate it , it says connection problem ( see screenshot ) for better understanding

- I live in egypt , im using win 11 , 22h2

- My internet Connection is Working

I contacted Kaspersky Lab Support , but i didn't get any Fix for the problem 

- I tried to use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free But the Same Problem 

Hope you Guys can help me .

best wishes

Screenshot 2023-01-31 205304.png

Screenshot 2023-02-01 152757.png

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I Did see it Before

but the Problem still unsolved , according to the artical you mentioned up 

Network connection error during activation 

  1. Try activating the application again after a short while (e.g. in an hour). The activation server may be temporarily unavailable.

I Did , nothing have happen

  1. Make sure your computer has latest updates installed or install the latest Windows updates using the Windows Update service. For instructions, see the Microsoft support site.

It is , it has the latest updates

  1. Disable proxy in the Kaspersky application.

i Can't open the program to change any settings 

but i disabled proxy from Run Tab by writing inetcpl.cpl then go to connections and after that LAN Settings

and uncheck (use proxy server for lan , Automaticaly detect settings )

  1. Reset Internet Explorer settings

I dont have it , i have microsoft edge 

  1. Configure DNS server
I did , issue still exist
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They Asked me to come here , thats what they said in the last massege :

Please refer to the guide below for troubleshooting the issue:

but before that , they asked me for GetSystemInfo report , and now said 

We have obtained your personal data from you directly. The provided data will only be used for the provision of technical support and will be processed and protected in accordance with Kaspersky Data Privacy Statement for technical support for Africa, Australia, Denmark, Middle East, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America

I think their is something in the computer like some settings prevent the program to the activate

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27 minutes ago, Mohamed Ahmed said:

I'm Still Facing the problem will someone help me or what?

Hello @Mohamed Ahmed

  • Wow, that's not very polite!
  1. Have you tried a different email address? 
  2. *Before* installing this Kaspersky Free & Kaspersky Security Cloud Free has there ever been any other Kaspersky software installed on (1) the computer before & (2) in the specific MyKaspersky account you're trying to synchronise with at the moment? 
  3. Which incident reference number did support give you - it begins with INC0000?
  4. *Before installing this Kaspersky Free & Kaspersky Security Cloud Free - did you check your computer for any software conflicts?  
  5. Did support tell you there is no technical support for users of Kaspersky's Free, Beta or Trial software? 
  6. IF you attempt to sign into (your) MyKaspersky account, from a supported browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. are you able to successfully sign in, using the same email address that you've shown in the first image you posted when you created the topic?  
  7. For your own privacy & security, it's unwise to post private information on a public forum.
  8. FYI: The Community is composed of users of the Kaspersky software - just like you, all of whom volunteer their time freely, to help other members of the Community - just like you. There is a small team of Kaspersky employees, all of whom are clearly identifiable, bc, their profile shows "Kaspersky Lab employee". For the most part, and according to our observations, volunteers are dedicated to providing technical analysis to address technical issues.

Thank you?

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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@Mohamed Ahmed

You're most welcome!

Thank you for posting back!

  1. ?IN (your) FIRST post, you say: "I'm a new user to my Kaspersky Free, blah, blah" & then "I tried to use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free But the Same Problem" & the image shows Kaspersky Security Cloud - so, go to Windows - Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features - in the Search field type Kaspersky - post a full screen screenprint? 
  2. Where was Kaspersky Free downloaded from - which site - post the URL?
  3. Where was Kaspersky Security Cloud Free downloaded from - which site - post the URL?
  4. When you've tried a different email address, is the error different
  5. So, in your MyKaspersky account, registered under the gmail address you've shown in the image in your first post, there's no Kaspersky software in https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses#/portal/pages/licenses - post a full screen screen-print of the window, hide private information, like your email address. 
  6. Re "I know but i called them from different product", what does that mean - provide all the information @Mohamed Ahmedso we don't have to ask 50 questions
  7. Why did Kaspersky support tell you to reach out to the Kaspersky Community (the email you've posted from them above - from 9 hours ago, is incomplete)?
  8. Did Kaspersky support *actually* say they were analyzing the GSI? 
  9. Re Reset Internet options. In the Windows Search field, type Internet options - select the Internet options app, go to the Advanced tab and select Reset, tick/check ?Delete personal settings, select Reset, shutdown the computer using Shutdown, not Restart. Do not turn the computer on again atm.
  10. While the computer is OFF, turn OFF the ROUTER/MODEM, disconnect the network cable from the ROUTER/MODEM to the computer. WAIT *at least 5 minutes* 
  11. While the computer is OFF - disconnect the POWER cable. WAIT *at least 5 minutes* 
  12. Reconnect the power cable, turn the computer ON by pressing the power button. 
  13. Login to the computer. 
  14. Reconnect the ROUTER/MODEM cable to the computer & then turn the ROUTER/MODEM on. 
  15. Make sure the Kaspersky app is active. 
  16. On the Windows taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About - post back a full screen screen-print? 
  17. Check if the Kaspersky app can be synchronised with (your) MyKaspersky account? 

Please post back? 

Thank you?

Edited by Flood and Flood's wife
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