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Computer Administrator rights changed (I'M LOCKED OUT) after installing Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free


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 Before purchasing the Kaspersky Full editions, I decided to try the “Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free” edition.


  Immediately after installing, the “Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free” edition, it took over my computer’s administrative rights, disabled many programs, disabled the audio driver, and caused some browsers not to open.


Even when I un-install the “Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free”, I still Do Not have administrative rights on my computer, I still Cannot open administrative programs and some browsers, sound still does not work, I cannot access system restore, and I’m now screwed Big Time!


 It feels like my computer has been hijacked because it is currently unusable to me.


 Why, did the “Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free” disable my administrative rights on my computer?


 Please explain how to fix this situation, as I use this computer for work everyday.


My version is:  Kaspersky Security Cloud - Free --- Installed Today 09/12/2020





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Hello! I'm very interesting in solution to this problem, since my PC is also locked for a long time and I can't find the way to recover it. And this topic isn't very useful if there is no answer to solution. Please, inform me how did you solve this problem if you did at all. 

Thank you!

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