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Chrome won't work at all with Kaspersky Plus / Windows 10

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Is anyone else finding that web pages won't load using Google Chrome with Kaspersky Plus and Windows 10? I had no issues with Kaspersky Internet Security, but my subscription expired this week. As soon as I purchased and downloaded Kaspersky Plus on my Windows 10, 64x laptop, Chrome stopped working. Every time I try to go to any site in Chrome, I get a page won't load, wait or stop message. I turned off Anti-Banner, thinking that might help. It didn't. 

Kaspersky wants me to take a screenshot, download and Zip file, go through a hassle. Forget it. I just disabled the software. They have to have encountered this already and know what settings I can change to fix it.


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I am having the same problem but with windows 11. Installed Kaspersky plus 2 days ago and now have problems finding and refreshing web pages in Edge.

I reset my browser but problems still there

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