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After automatically updating kaspersky free yesterday, it won't start

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1. Version of operating system

Edition    Windows 10 Pro
Version    22H2
Installed on    ‎26/‎12/‎2020
OS build    19045.3930
Serial number    PF2H07BZ
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0

2. Name and version number of the Kaspersky application

kaspersky4win202121.16.6.467en_39971.exe(Latest downloaded version)


After automatically updating kaspersky yesterday, it won't start,stuck to this screen


and tips this,Constantly reappearing and disappearing, sometimes popping up with 3 red exclamation point icons



Then I uninstalled and reinstalled,It's not working

 I also booted the computer in safe mode and the following error popped up


Problems after yesterday's automatic update, everything was fine before that

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2 hours ago, harlan4096 said:

Do you have all the W10 Updates installed? check also Optional, Frame Works, etc..

I have two languages in my computer, Chinese and English, thank you for reminding me, I found it is because the language is set to English, and the time zone is set to China can not enter the kaspersky, I have not encountered this kind of problem before, as for why to choose the global version, because I did not study the differences between the different areas of the arbitrary this, thank you very much for your patience responsible for the kaspersky normal operation!
thank you very much!thank you very much!thank you very much!

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