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  1. Thank you @ElvinE5 for your response 🙂 . Best Regards .
  2. Hi Team Kaspersky Support ; I am in the test part of my IT park so I test the product (KSC & KES) and the machines in the virtualization Lab to correct errors and better performance on the real installation. so my problem is that the license trial period has ended and I have not been able to complete all the necessary tests. Please any solution ? Best Regards .
  3. Hi Dear @ElvinE5 ; as I told you I tried with other operating systems like Windows 10 and 11 and it works, so the issue is about compatibility between KSC and OS Windows 7 Thank You Mr @ElvinE5 for your support. Best Regards.
  4. Hi @ElvinE5 , thank you for your response and for this solution. unfortunately, after trying all the proposed solutions the problem persists, you can check my screenshot. In the first screenshot, i tried to modify the DNS name to ip address the second screenshot I check the connection in port tcp 13000 and is open . the third screenshot i check the connection on other side(server ksc) port 13000, 14000, 15000 this is optional suggestion just to confirm but i think it does work until the network agent send a request to KSC or have a good installation the last screenshot its about utilities doesn't work (not only klcsngtgui.exe) after that , what do you suggest ? tomorrow i will try to test the stand-alone installation in another system version windows 10 or 11 ! thank you in advance for your effort . Best Regards .
  5. Hi Every one so here are the cases that i have tried : 1-installation in widows 7 with package Kes 12 and Net Agent 14 (stand-alone) 2-installation in the same machine windows 7 but with only Net Agent 14 (stand-alone) 3-installation in another machine in network windows 7 with Kes 12 and Net Agent 14 (stand-alone) the same issue is stuck in the connection section of the Network Agent (see screenshot) ? all machines respond with ksc 14 Server when i ping , the firewall is disabled. I DON'T know if the issue is about windows 7 that is out of support and Kaspersky KSC 14 doesn't support it also! Best Regards.
  6. Bonjour tout le monde ; juste une question par rapport a l'appellation du paquet d'installation c'est juste un erreur de traduction ou bien c'est deux applications différentes , comme vous pouvez constater sur l'image que on a l'agent d'administration de kaspersky security center et Kaspersky security center 14 network agent ? sachant que dans l'environnement Kaspersky security center et Endpoint je connais seulement deux agents le 1er Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent et Kaspersky Endpoint Agent dite moi s'il y-a d'autres ? Merci beaucoup .
  7. yes i have done it before you answer me anyway thank you in advance, but i have another question when i have to make installation remotely of a package installation (in my case Kaspersky endpoint security for windows 12.1.0)in MMC console i think that the network agent was in the package, I don't remember but i think that i have read in your official document that the package of installation remotely of endpoint the agent network will be added automatically in the package? can you give me an answer about this information, please? Best Regards.
  8. hi , my question is why Kaspersky security center 14 does not update unprotected devices after remote installations of kaspersky endpoint security ? logically when I finished installing KES remotely on these devices it will not be displayed in the monitor that it is not protected (red light missing agent) knowing that the application is well installed on the targeted devices. after checking Any suggestions for this sync issue? I have already tried to restart the target computers, the KSC server, update KSc all that nothing;
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