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  1. So as I suspected, the above options had NO effect. But after rebooting the PC 3x times, the 'dont not remind me' option actually appeared in KIS.....<sigh>
  2. Ok so after talking to K-support again today, I got made a aware of a not so obvious, and some might say 'hidden' section, as to me it looked like a text banner, not something I would click on - 'Notifications settings'. I say this because there were notification ticket boxes under that line of test etc. So under the informational sub-section, I unticked ALL the options that had 'my kaspersky' under the events colunm, and so far I havent been 'nagged' again. But need to test it for a day or so to see if this is indeed the fix.
  3. So it seems I spoke to soon, the latest version fo KIS is ALSO doing the same damn thing as KS! The "DO NOT REMIND ME ANYMORE" option has been removed from that version also. And whats makes this infuriating is I get the damn NAG popup after every reboot of the not just once a day - seriously what the actual F!, this not acceptable bahvour. Changing how a product behaves after the fact is NOT cool. I appreciate the suggestion, but thats a crutch for something that should not need a fix.
  4. Welp, I wont be giving Kaspersky my money after that point. I will not use an AV that needs a subscription of any kind. And regarding my laguage, its on point and where relevent, parts of the relevent words were commented out.
  5. For KAV/KIS it has never been 'mandatory'... And I note that under the support section of KS, KS/KP are not being marketed for use in the European market. I'm guessing because that sh*t wouldn't fly here. I have KIS and as of today's re-install, 'version kis21.3.10.391en_27551'. I was asked by 1st line K-support to try K-Std (for an ongoing support issue I have logged). And it was at was after this point I noticed the B$ prompt to sign into My-K and that the 'don't remind me again' option was missing. But on the subject of crap being mandatory, I absolutely 'do not care, what!' Kaspersky 'wants' in that instance. I'm a paying customer that in 10yrs, has not needed to sign into My-K to use the software I paid for. The day KY start pulling that crap, will be the day I stop using their software, its THAT simple.
  6. Apologies, it was educated guess/comment that signing into 'MyKaspersky' and KSN were connected in some way. Im not interested in participating in either. I untick the KSN and refuse to sign into my MK. as is my choice/perogative etc.
  7. Already logged a ticket, but its prolly gonna take a while. My biggest worry is when KAV/KIS are no longer a thing that will be forced to sign in the KSN, which I DO NOT accept for any reason.
  8. So the option " do not remind me anymore' has been removed, yet again it seems. Did a forum search before creating this post, all I find is a handfull of posts from 2020-2022, where Kaspersky 'accidentially' removed the option and had to put it back. On the "sign in to kaspersky" nag popup in KS, the option to "do not remind me anymore" is missing, WHY? as its there in the KIS/KAV versions of Kaspersky. Did Kaspersky think users wouldnt notice, and just roll over and accept it?
  9. I have spoke toi support yet, figured I would ask here first. As it dosent do this for all files I scan, I will log a support ticket as Kaspersky need to address this.
  10. Fair comment but no applicable - I extracted the files from the executable (jre-8u401-windows-x64.exe). In this instabnce there was only 116 files inside the archive, but KIS had scanned over 35,000... KIS is scanning other files or a location, that I do NOT need it to be scanning when Im doing a 'right click and scan' on a file I have downloaded.
  11. So before I log a support ticket I thought I would askl here and see if there is something Im missing. 1. I download a file. 2. I right scan and scan the file. But instead of scanning just that file KIS seem to be scanning a bunch of other files that arent the bloody file I clicked on. What the hello is KIS doing exactly.?
  12. So I stumbled accross this thread after trying to diagnose an issue with Chromium and as it turned out the fix for Chromium also fixed an issue with Discord that I didnt realise was related (as in both Chromium & Discord could not access the internet. So my question is, … would/did KIS start blocking some applications out of the blue..? and what the significance of renaming the report folder..? And more importantly how do I STOP this kind …happening moving forward.
  13. Sorry, I thought it was obvious from the testing logic in my first post that I had already disabled it.
  14. My details: Android 8.0 (Galaxy S7 flat exynos) Samsung experience 9.0 (upto date) Samsung browser (latest version, but older version exhibit the same issue) KTS Enabling internet protection is causing samsung browser to repeatedly display the quick edit pull down from the address bar 13-14x times. This happens as follows - open browser open a new tap go to google or duckduckgo type anything into the search entry box. then wait for KTA to flash the bloody quick edit pull down 13-14x times rinse and repeat for EVERY tab…!!! Also I cant enable per browser, its either all the browsers on the phone or none of them.
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