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  1. I converted latest 21.15 online help guide to PDF, so people can read it offline: https: //mega.nz/file/l5g3nDJY#mYqf-HJCbVkuwcoKJuv-3iI1fE6-BoDLBmq69-Q54uE
  2. ATTENTION: Do NOT update your Kaspersky suite. Final solution for this issue: (issue also happens when updating to - Plus & Premium) 1) Completely uninstall old kaspersky suite from your pc. (Use Kaspersky Remover if not sure or Martau Total uninstall) 2) Go to Settings -- Apps --- Apps & Features ---> Select Uninstall Microsoft Edge and do a "repair" install when prompted. 3) Restart PC. (important) 4) Install Kaspersky Plus or Premium. 5) When prompted to install edge extension say yes. 6) Enable extension in Edge. Done. Extension is working again. (Note: this method was fully tested in windows 10 22H2 in several PC's.)
  3. I think this exploit is not addressed by any big security software company (that includes Kaspersky, BitDefender, Norton, Avast, McAfee, etc). There's no information from all this companies if they are aware of this problem at all. If someone is paranoid enough with his security, please don't play those games online.
  4. MariuxReloaded: My friend made a clean install of Windows 10 this afternoon and the extension is working again. Maybe something conflicts with the extension. It's better contact support a send a full system log using kasperky utility.
  5. After the update of Edge Chromium to Version 113.0.1774.35, Kaspersky Protection extension works again. So, the problem was in Microsoft side. All the people with this problem, should update Edge to latest build. Case closed.
  6. INC000015267057 - Response finally received: Please try to reinstall the extension, and check the issue again: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/start/12782#block10 ----> really???? how many times? 10? 20? ( just being sarcastic)
  7. It's a shame kaspersky support team is ignoring this issue. Also I believe none of the beta testers are using Edge Chromium and Windows 10. I have reproduced this issue in a clean PC, only with Windows 10 22H2 installed and full updated, and Kaspersky Plus When Kaspersky asks to turn on Edge extension, it's installed, but doesn't work (not linked to Kaspersky Plus) This SHOULD BE SOLVED BY SUPPORT/DEV TEAM ASAP. I know a lot of people don't use the extension, but it will be nice to have a 100% working product...
  8. Maybe it's time to guarantee the extension work, because more and more people use Edge Chromium as it's main browser (actually it's better than chrome, if users know how to fine tunning it)
  9. So, the problem is common to windows 10 or 11. A friend reported to me the same problem in latest KIS2021 ( and Edge. The problem appears to be in the Kaspersky Protection extension updated April 18. Anyone using Google Chrome browser? The extension is working there?
  10. The problem was reported to support staff. I have 3 pc's. All with the same problem with Egde extension not working.
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