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  1. Uninstall of ASUS software is not needed, with latest kaspersky database fix, all works as usual. (no more blocked services) There's NO NEED to uninstall ASUS stuff. People who uninstalled ASUS software created new problems probably due to remnants of older installation. A full uninstallation of ASUS apps with Revo Uninstaller or MartauTotal Uninstall can be a great help. Help can also be obtained in ASUS Support Forum.
  2. Problem fixed for Aura Sync. ASUS Com Service not blocked anymore. Also Samsumg Magician service works again. All is FIXED now.
  3. "Even Samsung Magician doesn't start" - CONFIRMED! Come on Kaspersky... fix your crippled software!!!
  4. ASUS is also guilty here. I don't like Armoury Crate and I'm forced to use Aura Sync to manage my rig. And latest Aura Sync is 2 years old. In Kaspersky's side, it's necessary to implement an exception for ASUS vulnerabilities. This behavior should be automatically configured but with user's possibility to create exceptions (for ex. atkexComSvc.exe - ASUS Com service vulnerability trigger disabled by user option) Other securities suites also trigger ASUS as a vulnerability, but the users has always the option: "ok, I know that. Shut up and let them work." ( A special note to BitDefender and Norton: they don't even recognize ASUS Service as a vulnerability, so Kaspersky is better then them, but a definitive "USER (CUSTOMER) HAVE THE LAST WORD" should be Kaspersky policy.
  5. What's the point to have a security suite with old absolete definitions??? lol
  6. UPDATE info: Wizzo, M. Ruiz, I replicated your procedure in my secondary PC, all working on first time, but when Kaspersky updated database, all fails again, so your solution is not a solution! 😉
  7. I only have ASUS Aura Sync to control my color led's stuff. This time only ASUS Com Service (atkexComSvc.exe)is disabled by Kaspersky. Lightning Control service works as it should. (I don't use Asus Armoury Crate crap) Uninstalled KIS and back to Norton 360 Premium (everything works) until Kaspersky solves this again... My patience is running out with this kind of issues! Kaspersky products, sadly are no longer reliable.
  8. That is not a fair solution. Kaspersky needs to solve this "stupid issue" with ASUS services not starting. (error 1053)
  9. Same Problem again. Aura Sync stopped working because KIS doesn't let ASUS Com Service start.
  10. All is working fine here. No more issues in ASUS Armoury Crate, ASUS AI Suite or Aura Sync. People having problems after Kaspersky update, should completely remove ASUS software and reinstall. If some problem remains, it's ASUS related and should be discussed in their support forums.
  11. You have a lot of security suites with 30 days trial... cool your computer until the problem solved with one of them.
  12. I hope Danila T. statement "We are working is a solution" doesn't mean "We have no fu%$%ng idea what's going on..." More info in this "work in progress" it will be nice.
  13. Sure... You bought a PC to have a security suite on it, nothing else metters... and if you have windows 10/11 built-in security is more than enough in this situation or you can use a 30 days trial of an alternative security suite... Why are you flaming me? Do what you want. I'm here to help who needs help, until Kaspersky finds a solution. As I said before, in the present situation Kaspersky is a "crippled" security suite and I don't use that kind of stuff in my PC. Hope Kaspersky find a solution soon or they go start to lose lot of costumers in the future! (I'm a costumer in the last 18 years and never see nothing like this from this company - 6 days without a fix... even a temporary one... never seen!
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