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why is the KEY displayed clearly? isn't that a customer secret?

Erlang P

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9 minutes ago, Erlang P said:

why is the KEY displayed clearly (on Kaspersky UI)? isn't that a customer's secret?

Hello @Erlang P


The License key is available in the GUI, to allow each Kaspersky customer, to manage their Kaspersky software. 

License Information window shows: 

  • License key
  • License status
  • Number of hosts covered by the license
  • Activation date
  • License expiration date
  • Number of days before expiration of the license

Not the Activation code

  • The License key is also shown in the Support window. 

?IF (you) have concerns about the installed Kaspersky software security, password protect the application - follow: How to password-protect access to Kaspersky Internet Security management functions

Thank you?


Licensing window

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