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When attempting to download the latest update for Python in my Linux Virtual Machine, Kaspersky blocks malicious files1

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Hello, I am new to hack and penetration testing and want to be assured that I am not downloading malicious files. For context, I am running Kali Linux in a VM and want to update Python. upon running the command 

└─$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

I became very aware of numerous files blocked by Kaspersky that appear to be malicious, but in reality very well may just be tools that are used to perform Hack and Penetration Testing. Please reference the screenshot below. I also will paste my report if needed, but seeing as it contains minor personal information (name of PC and my username) I don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary.

Thank you in advance for the help!




Kaspersky Report.png

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Hello @ghostwridah


  1. Which Kaspersky software is installed: version & patch(x), x = letter - use this guide by Danila T.  Read before you create a new topic!
  2. Have exclusions been configured for the software? 

  3. Which setting is configured, when a threat is detected - is it automatic or manual? 

  • ?That report is difficult to see?

 It helps the Community if a full screen screen-print is posted, including Report headings

It's possible to filter the Report, rightclick on the column headings & remove as much information as possible - leaving only the most important for the Community to view OR save the Report as a text file, remove / edit your private information, upload the text file to cloud & post the share link? 

Also, in the Report window, the Report list on the left-hand-side, can be hidden, by selecting the tiny < (Left arrow); that again makes the Report window larger. 

Re: "We found an application that can be used by intruders to damage your computer or personal data." is a warning from Kaspersky, alerting the user to the fact the software may be harmful, IF in fact the user is not aware the software has been downloaded, & OR is being downloaded. 

Pre-fixed with "Not a virus..", similar intent from Kaspersky, you can see in the report the advice, "Contains adware, auto-dialers, legitimate software that can be used by intruders to damage your computer or personal data."; Kaspersky is alerting you to the *potential* for harm from the software -> Not-a-Virus: What is it? | Kaspersky official blog & Riskware (not-a-virus) | Kaspersky IT Encyclopedia

In the past Kaspersky has flagged Hack and Penetration Testing software as 'risky', simply because of the purpose of the software; again; if a user is unaware the H&PT software is on their system, Kaspersky is attempting to keep the user informed. 

Scan the exe(s) using Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal.

Please post back? 
Thank you?

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