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User Kaspersky Internet Security License for Kaspersky Anti Virus [Closed]

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So this is not possible? I have bought the expensiver Version and could not install or use the cheaper Version??
What I don't quite understand, why would you want to use a (broken down to functions) inferior product if you can also use Internet Security with your license? My family, friends and I only use Internet Security in our private lives, because the features are simply great and security is guaranteed not only at the operating system level, but also when surfing the Internet. But to answer your question in one sentence: With a license for Kaspersky Internet Security 19 the Kaspersky Anti-Virus should should be automatically converted to Kaspersky Internet Security. What you can do, is to make use of your cancellation right:
As a Consumer, you will have a legal "cooling off period" during which you may cancel your order for any reason without penalty. This period is: 1.3.1 FOR PRODUCTS: up to fourteen (14) working days after the date of delivery of the products. 1.3.2 FOR SERVICES: up to fourteen (14) working days after the date of us accepting your order. 1.4 Limitation on this cancellation right apply as follows: 1.4.1 Where you order a service the right of cancellation is lost if the service is concluded with your prior express consent before the cooling off period expires. If the right of cancellation is exercised after the service has commenced but before it has concluded you will be required to pay an amount in proportion to the amount of the service which has been performed. 1.4.2 Where you order a digital content not supplied on a tangible medium, the right of cancellation is lost if the performance commences with your prior express consent before the cooling off period expires. Where you order software, the right of cancellation is lost if you unseal or use the software. 1.4.3 The right of cancellation does not apply to bespoke or customised products made specifically to your order. Quote from the Terms of Sale and Consumer Information
I don't know where you ordered the license, the easiest way is to contact the respective site or partner. If you ordered via the Kaspersky.com Online-Shop, Digital River is your contact (select the correct country at the top of the selection box). Kaspersky Support will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about your license. Good luck, Leon :v_tone2:
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