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Thank you for your reply

I should have phrased my question a bit better, what i was after

were to two fields to fill in, one being A home address and another being

A postal address. A lot of government sites in Australia require this.

Mabye i should have posted in request section.

but thank you for quick response



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Hello @mvagusta,

You’re most welcome☺ !

  1. Please clarify, where do you wish the dual address information be recorded?
  2. Show us an image please? 
  3. Even tho the Addresses section has a Make this address primary toggle switch, it does not have a section for a secondary address. 

<Address name>




Postal code

Street address

First name

Last name

Middle name

Make this address primary

Email address

Mobile phone


  • Note: the section you’ve posted in is fine, for development requests they need to be submitted to Kaspersky Technical, however, before we guide you with that it would be good (for us) to understand the requirement🤔

Please post back?

Thank you🙏


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