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As of version, I am experiencing some issues that were not present about three (3) weeks ago.

1) I have contacted Support, but they need traces. I explained that I am uncomfortable to send them, since they may contain personal info and memory dumps. The issues are reproducible on other systems, so I don't think that the issues are specific for my machine and I prefer for the issues to be resolved without sending traces. I am sure that many clients may be reluctant to send them, especially clients that have compliance audits.

2) Since the latest version, when KIS was enabled, I could not connect/use the Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store apps. Also, my sister reported the same issue for one of her gaming apps (not sure which. Also, she is using the DEFAULT settings, even though I am using the maximum-security settings). As of four (4) days ago, the connectivity issues were resolved for Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store on their own, but now the same issue manifested for the Feedback Hub app.

3) The connection to my Wi-Fi printer was lost when I had the computer running for 3-4 days continuously. The issue used to resolve temporarily after a restart. I am not sure if this was caused by KIS. But, this issue has now also resolved itself!

4) The Clean up function of Manage applications (Main KIS Window -> More Tools -> Manage applications -> Application Control -> Manage applications) no longer works. Upon clicking on the Clean up button, it says that the list is up-to-date and the uninstalled/missing applications are not removed from the list.

5) The online help documentation shows clearly how to create exceptions for programs and desktop applications, but, how do I make exceptions for Microsoft Store apps (packaged)?

6) I am a longtime customer of Kaspersky (10+years) and Kaspersky VPN and I find it quite unfair that my KIS is considered equivalent to Kaspersky Standard. As a KIS customer, I find that, more-or-less, the features that my current KIS provides are the same as the ones that Kaspersky Premium provides, with the exception of the unlimited VPN (which I have already purchased, anyway). I suggest that, for the migration to the new subscription, KIS customers be provided with the Premium subscription but without the unlimited VPN, to be FAIR.

Thanks in advance!

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18 minutes ago, Xzz123 said:

maybe you could claim an installer of newer kasperskyversion, like build 21.13, from tech support

I should already have the latest version available in the EU, since my KIS updates automatically. The only newer available version is Kaspersky Basic, which I believe is an unfair migration for KIS users.

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Good Day and sorry to intrude again, but I think I should give my opinion about my unfortunate experience with Kaspersky Standard 21.13.

While I used K Standard, many Chrome pages were repeatedly giving the message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN".

Another problem is that I always play a game that is already old, after two weeks when I go to clean the traces of activity and there are traces of DirectD, the K Standard crashes, it goes down and after ten seconds it returns, appearing two K Standard icons on the taskbar.

Very disappointed, I downgraded and went back to KIS (k) which works wonderfully and luckily in a retail store I still found a license on a card, with the license code to scratch off.

I re-activated the KIS for a duration of two years.

It would be good if it still had support during this period, because K. Standard is a buggy anti-virus.

Another example is that when I enter "My Kaspersky" KIS warns that it has been opened in a side window.

In K Standard, it does not warn and the reports show the ridiculous message that it was opened on another computer or browser (I don't remember well).

Maybe better and I too I am very reluctant to send traces.




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