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Sudden Popups

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I have 2 identical Win 10 PCs. One suddenly has a lot of popups after kaspersky warned about a site. Nothing was clicked on and just went back. I'm told this is when the popups started, I checked the extensions and Kaspersky is enabled. However I noticed the Icon on the top right of the browser isn't there like it is on my other PC. This is where I can see if the add blocker is checked or not. Any idea of whats going on?

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Hello @RoadSign78


  1. Please follow: Read before you create a new topic! by Danila T.
  2. Check Kaspersky Internet Security Reports, are the "popups" logged - post a full screen screenprint, so we can see what you see please? 
  3. Re "the icon on the top right of the browser isn't there", has the extension icon been hidden from the browser toolbar? 
  4. Also, follow this guide from Moderator @richbuffKaspersky notification of detection, file or website detected.

Thank you🙏


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