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Software updater (Обновление программ)

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I have a question or a proposal for you. Situation: I'm working in windows 10 desktop under domain user account with simple user privileges. There is a KIS installed.

From time to time a have notifications from It about upcoming software updates, but(!)... I'm unable to install them from User account and KIS gives me a suggestion to ask my system administrator to update them. It is Ok, since I have another local account with admin rights. But(!) due to some software installed, I can not just "switch user" and update software with KIS, instead of this I have to completely log-out (e.g. close my environment, browser, working files, e.t.c... - a lot of stuff and time), log in under admin account and then do the Update, and after that - log-out with admin and login with domain user account again and spend a lot of time to restore the working environment...

I've tried to find some workaround and tried to "Run As" KIS GUI with admin rights..., but GUI nevertheless starts with current user rights.

So the proposal is: allow KIS to automatically download software updates under logged in user and then allow user to start updates installation process with privileged user account - e.g. button "Start update as..." in user interface.


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