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Restoring Total security after formatting the device.

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I have reformatted my laptop, after which I thought I had reinstalled Kaspersky, but it turns out to only have installed Password manager and VPN, not Security.
I manually downloaded and installed KTS, but is claims that the license is missing, when I click on it I am informed that the application is not activated, yet it is the second device on my subscription which is still active.
Trying to activate it I get the error that I cannot use the trial version of the application.
I cannot find anywhere to put my activation code in, or any way to make the software realise it is an active subscription.
I would appreciate any advice on how to sort this out.


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My license is in My Kaspersky, that is where I downloaded the program from.
I'll see if I can find any other download links.
I would expect somewhere that one can change the license, whether it's trial or not.


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