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Pending purchase from 'nexway"

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44 minutes ago, Tobrok_Kaspersky said:

I have just purchased a 5-device  Kaspersky package for internet security using by credit card and is been pending for a while. I got some feedback from 'Nexway' asking me to wait for an email to create an account . How do I proceed ...

Hello @Tobrok_Kaspersky


  1. Check (your) Spam or Junk email to make sure the Nexway email is not there?
  2. In this guide,  What to do in case of payment issues when buying a license or subscription? - Nexway may be referring to dot point five, if you're not sure - remain in contact with Nexway & request they provide you with clear information; if the issue remains outstanding, reach out to Kaspersky Customer Service: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#contacts - on the support page:  select either Chat or Email, then fill in Order & Payment issues, Delivery issue template; please include any screen images of the transaction & a *detailed* history. 

Thank you🙏

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