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Password manager import from 1Password [Solved][Closed]

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Hello Bettervibes: Does this help: https://help.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win9.2/en-US/130515.htm Import data from other password managers Open the main application window. In the left menu panel, click Settings. The application settings open. Select the Import/Export section. In the Import from password managers section, click Import. In the window that opens, specify the CSV file you want to import data from. Kaspersky Password Manager supports the ability to import from CSV files exported from the latest version of the supported password managers. Click Open. Passwords will be copied from the selected file to your vault. When the import is completed, the application displays a report about the imported data. Kaspersky Password Manager cannot ensure the integrity and completeness of data imported from other password management applications. ****NOTE**** If you use the free version of Kaspersky Password Manager and import more entries than allowed in the free version, these entries will be inactive after they are imported. Thanks.
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Hello Bettervibes, I may have misunderstood, I thought your question was "All the export file formats (CSV, txt, 1PIF) are not ok for KPM", accordingly the reference doc shows .csv is a compatible format. Given 1Password is a "supported" PwdMgr, different version, it's worth testing.... (imo) If you backup 1Password (v4.6) to a secondary source, just to make sure you don't loose any data, test export/import functions in 1Password (v4.6) /KPM. Supported password managers:
  1. LastPass (version 4.17.1)
  2. KeePass (version 2.40)
  3. Dashlane (version 6.5)
  4. 1Password (version 7.2)
  5. Norton Identity Safe as part of the solution Norton Security (version
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