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No access to internet with VPN on.

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I'm having the same problem here.
Disabled VPN on one device and suddenly the only options I have to reconnect are: 

Fastest Server

All other countries/regions are missing.

My favorite ones are giving the same error message as you 😞 

I have rebooted PC, terminated .exe, meddled with settings as much as possible - no avail.


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I am not able to access the internet when VPN is on? Running Windows 11.  VPN version (a).  This is happening on both Dell laptops I use.  Cell phones and my work laptop using the same connection have no issues (none of these devices use Kaspersky VPN.

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51 minutes ago, Berny said:

@Anticheese Welcome.

I can't reproduce your issue , please reinstall on-top Kaspersky VPN + reboot ?
Also please check if you are signed in in your Profile ?

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Good news and bad news, I suppose?
Consequentially I did manage to get it to work but it stopped working for other devices I had KVPN set up on.
I uninstalled, rebooted, cleared logs/saved data, shut down, powered on, installed KVPN from Kaspersky Premium directly and after a bit it connected to my email account.
It is back to displaying countries for this device and connecting successfully (hurray) but I noticed my other devices are now experiencing the same issue I had with this one before I started this endeavor so now I'll have to do the same on 4 other devices 😞

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