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My Website is Flagged By Kaspersky and Prevents Visits

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Hello Kaspersky, Thank you for the Good work you do in Digital and Online Security,

My Web Address  https : //tesobrain.com/         Has been Flagged By Kaspersky as Dangerous. Kindly Review because My my website is Safe from All Attacks and Security Threats.

I have also sent the Request for review at https://opentip.kaspersky.com/tesobrain.com/?tab=web

Below is the Message and Screen of the I get after anyone tried to Visist

We prevented a visit to a website that may cause data leak

Visiting this website may pose the threat of losing money or personal data.

You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk.

Kindly Help me Fix that.






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Additionally ,   Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is reporting "eStar" WordPress theme as dangerous 🤔


Component: Safe Browsing
Result description: Blocked
Type: Threat of data loss
Name: https://tesobrain.com/
Precision: Exactly
Threat level: High
Object type: Web page
Object path: https://tesobrain.com
Reason: Databases
Databases release date: Today, 29/01/2024 9:31:00


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From Kaspersky Virus Lab :


“  Hello,

Dear User,

Thank you for sending a request to Kaspersky!
We have checked the link you sent us.
It has been confirmed as a false positive and excluded from our data loss threat protection databases.

Best regards, Senior Web Content Analyst
39A/3 Leningradskoe Shosse, Moscow, 125212, Russia Tel./Fax: + 7 (495) 797 8700 “


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